"I think if I go to college, I can avoid paying child support."?

This is what my grandson's father believes. His Parents and I can say differently, but he will believe other 16 - 17 years old's before us. I just need confirmation (proof) that we DO know what we are talking about.

1) You were old enough to have sex - your old enough to pay

2) You may what the courts say you are to pay until child turns 19 or graduates HS. Whichever is 1st.

3) Just because you CHOOSE to go to college doesn't mean you are EXEMPT from Paying Support. Courts don't care if it takes you 10 years to graduate college - Primary responsibility is Baby.

4) Even if mother of child remarries - you are still liable for your Child and his support.

5) Even if you choose NOT to see your child - you are still liable to pay support.

6) Even if you choose to get a part-time, min. wage job you are required to pay support. NOW if this is done on purpose to pay less support - the Courts do not look at that as a Substantial reason to pay less.

7) If you DONT pay your Court assigned Child support - a Warranty is issued for your arrest (if mother of child pursues - which she will) & the Past Due support is considered ARREARS and you will have to pay. If too much in arrears is added up - then courts can force you to pay the regular amount plus a portion of the Arrears, per month, until arrears are caught up.

8) If you choose not to pay in the state of WI - Your name can go on a "Not Eligible List", you can't apply for Fishing license - hunting license etc....

9) If you don't have a stable job - Courts can make you pay a "set amount" rather than a percentage per 1st child, which is normally 17%.

I need knowledgeable people familiar w/ Child Support laws to Prove this boy that he and his friends no NOTHING! - Instead of asking other KIDS - they should ask knowledgeable adults and maybe even ask or look up WI Child Support Laws. Thank you All that are about to answer & respond.

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  • virgod
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    9 years ago
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    Sure. You'll get the most informed answers if you re-post it in "Law and Ethics" section here, on Y!A.

    You are right and good luck.

  • 9 years ago

    I would prove it by filing for child support. Tell your daughter that she just needs to worry about her and the baby. Don't get herself worked up over his attempts to evade his responsibility. As long as he wants to delude himself, let him live with his ideas that the child doesn't need him. The end result will be the same in the courtroom either way.

  • ?
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    9 years ago

    1) So the 12 year old that got the 25 year old should pay?


    What about the teen who had oral sex with the girl, who impregnated herself with it?


    2) Florida and New Jersey no long have a cut off age for child support.


    3) In the past that was true, but in the MANcession, the courts are recognizing that the fathers need an education to get a better job to pay, and according to Judge David Grey Ross, Commissioner of the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement, putting unnecessary arrears on a father makes it impossible for him to ever pay them off.

    4) yes

    5) Even when the mother is denying you access to the child, which happens to 40% of fathers paying support, you still have to pay, unless the court rules otherwise, which is a provision of the law in some states.

    6) In the MANcession, with so many men forced to take part time jobs just the survive, the courts are taking that into consideration.

    7) Yes, even if it becomes necessary to release non-violent rapists to make room for you in the jails, as California has to do.

    8) That is a provision of the 1988 Child Support Enforcement Act, covering all states, and applies to men who have been ordered to pay retroactive child support on children they did not know existed.

    9) No, the child support guidelines are not mandatory under federal law, thus a rebuttable presumption can be made to not paying a certain amount.

    The boys need to learn that they are being targeted but the girls to be made into fathers because the girls want to OWN a child which is totally theirs, and no parent can tell them what they can and cannot do with.





    For 22 years, I have volunteered my time working with divorced/single fathers dealing in family law issues, such as child support, teaching them about what the states are not telling support obligors.


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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    You can google child support forms. There are electronic forms where you type in al the numbers and it spits out an amount for you. It just gives you an idea of what factors into the support decision and what the final number might be. When you go to court it will likely be different, but this gives you an idea. Find this and show it to him. No where on the form does it ask about the parents school costs. They don't care how he spends his money just so the baby gets its cut first. Also a thought to consider if it's based off minimum wage employment now, once he graduates college the mom can have it changed to whatever he should be making based on his degree. If all else fails set him up with a free consulatation with a lawyer, they'll set him straight. That is if he's willing to listen. No matter how all that plays out, it sounds like this baby will need your support in some way or another so try not to rock the boat too much.

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  • Russ
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    9 years ago

    Oh goody. Fun time. When it comes to child support, it does not matter if you are in school or not. If you are ordered by the courts to pay child support, you need to pay it. As for your list:

    1) true

    2) it's actually as young as 18 or as old as 21

    3) Correct

    4) Correct again

    5) Absolutely true

    6) True

    7) Correct again

    8) not sure

    9) I believe this to be correct.

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