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Where is a better place to live...Florida or California?

Which state is better to live in and why? What are the pros and cons?

In Florida where is the best and worst place to live? For example Orlando, Miami, Fort Lauderdale etc...the bigger cities. I currently live in LA and I like it here but my boyfriend lives in Florida and is trying to convince me to move there. He lives in a smaller City near Orlando but is open to moving other places in Florida. he just hates LA and doesn't want to move here. The things I hate about LA is mainly the traffic but everything else I love and I especially love how there is no humidity. But just wondering what people who have lived in both thought?


Ok so here is what I know for differences:

Florida has high humidity, alligators, hurricanes and a lot of Cuban people.

California has low humidity, earthquakes, higher taxes and a lot of Mexican people.

But otherwise would it be about the same? I like big cities so I do love LA for that and I find there is a lot of stuff to do in LA. Basically for me it's important to live in a big city that's nice weather and near the ocean. So aside from friends and family what would I miss the most abou LA in general? Or what would I love about a big city in Florida in general compared to LA?

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    I have been through the exact same personal debate that you are going through right now. I am orginally from L.A. but have lived a number of different places. When I considered moving again I debated about SoCal vs. Florida. I chose Florida for a few reason.

    Its a heck of lot cheaper and easier to buy a house here. Houses in nice areas of LA are ridiculously over priced. If I had the same townhome I have here in downtown orlando in Downtown LA it would be well over a million dollars. I have a new townhome with a pool in a small building downtown for 235. Its awesome.

    I love the beaches and the gulf is spectacular. The water is calmer and warmer then the oceans. Its so nice. The beaches in LA suck compared to Florida beaches. LA beaches are dirty and the water is always cold. Florida beaches are clean, beautiful sand and if your south of Palm beach its crystal clear and has coral reefs.

    Anyways I could go on and on of the greatness of Florida. It sounds to me you need to look at the Miami.Fort Lauderdale area. That is a HUGE megacity much like LA. Same bad traffic and crowds that your used to. I actually tell people Miami is the Los Angeles of Florida. Its on the ocean and some areas have a constant tradewind that keeps the Humidity at bay. There are lots of fun things to do and lots of exciting day trips you can do. The biggest things I miss is the mountains and Deseret.

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    California is like a nation itself with several economic capitals.It has Silicon Valley and Hollywood that are global economic capitals.Inland Florida is cow pasture with fiberglass imitations of better places.L.A. is the capital of the third world that is a prize nobody wants.Miami Cubans are loud and angry because they are spanked by richer South Americans.Florida gets people from the bottom of their class to move here and start a scam.To lighten my mood I overpronounce the word murder is that wrong.

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    Spend a few weeks in a few cities first. Don't take our word for it!

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    Florida is a better place to live because it has nice weather, nice beaches and a lot ot things to do.

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    I have been all over the world, England Spain, Germany. Best place period florida. I would Tampa is a great place to live. It's a major city here but it not to crowed like Miami. Weathers great, it amazing here. Chill by the beac all day lOng

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    If you voted for Obama go to Californa. If you vote Republician come to Florida.

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