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Anonymous asked in SportsWrestling · 9 years ago

Rumble Dome 10 + Rumble Dome 9 results + WQ?

Rumble Dome 9 results:

1.Heel wolverine

2.Cross Rhodes

3.WWE Champion CM Punk

4.John Cena Last Stand

5.Mke & Last Icon

Mainevent.Hunter WS Jigsaw

Rumble Dome 10:

Shows theme plays, and the show itself starts. Know your role is in the ring, about to do an interview about his return to Rumble Dome and contention for the world title (Know your role i need you to do an interview)

1. Professional edgehead(C) vs last icon (title match for the tv title)

2. Mke vs HHH - King of kings

Cm punk last stand is backstage underway with an interview (CM Punk last stand i need you to do an interview about you upcoming match with cm punk wwe champion)

3. Shawn Micheals awef vs Samir

4. Cena last stand vs The phenomenal one

5. wwe champion cm punk vs cm punk last stand

Mainevent: Cross rhodes vs Know your role vs Heel wolverine (no.1 contender for the world title)

WQ: Do you think brock still thinks he is in ufc, with all the bleeps and the blood shed and all

WQ2: Do you think i should get more talent in to Rumble Dome, like have a rumble dome try outs.

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  • AJ Lee
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    9 years ago
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    Cross Rhodes, I have changed my name from CM Punk The Last Stand to John Cena The Last Stand.

    1) Professional Edgehead

    2) MKE HDZ

    Promo: *Backstage at Rumble Dome's cafeteria chomping on foods :P*

    Interviewer: TLS? Sorry to disturb you but can we have a moment with you about your upcoming match with WWE Champion CM Punk?

    TLS: Mmmm.....Sorry I was hungry so I am taking some energy boosting bars to make sure I am at my tip top condition before my match . Tonight on Rumble Dome 10, I am set to face WWE Champion CM Punk who is one of my best friends in the wrestling industry and I am honored to face him in a match in Rumble Dome. I have seen some of WWE Champion CM Punk's matches and boy there were that damn good.

    Interviewer: Your thoughts in the match later on?

    TLS: Well, to be frank, I am not that worried about winning or losing the match later on because in my views, a loss can be used as something to motivate you on to win in your future matches whereas a win can be used as something to reflect and be proud of and you should continue the winning streak if possible so if so happen that I lose to WWE Champion CM Punk, I would be happy for him to beat me. After all, I am here not about championships or winning all the time, it is to entertain the Rumble Dome fans and make them feel happy after the event. Oh would you take a look at the time? It is my match now! See you later man!

    Interviewer: Good luck with the match.

    3) Shawn Michaels AEWF

    4) The Phenomenal One

    5) I think I cannot vote on this one as it is just tough

    Main Event: Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth

    WQ: His mind might be in UFC since he keep saying that.

    WQ2: In my opinion, yes. You should also start to make Rumble Dome PPV or shows if possible. I am not sure on how to do it but the best way to gain more talents is to make Rumble Dome more popular. If Rumble Dome gets more popular, the chances of you getting more talents will increase.

  • Professional Edgehead


    Samir Cerebral Assassin

    John Cena The Last Stand

    WWE Champion CM Punk

    Know Your Role Shut Your Mouth.

  • 1) The Last Icon

    2) HHH - King of kings

    3) Samir Cerebral Assassin (me)

    4) Cena last stand

    5) WWE Champion CM Punk (tough one)

    Mainevent) Know Your Role


    WQ: No, I don't think so. He knows thar he's in WWE now. But WWE is now a little but edgy because Lesnar is back.

    WQ2: Yes, you should. It would be cool to have more users on Rumble Dome. Then you can also have some twists in your shows like having some backstage brawls and etc.

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