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This effort was further bolstered by specifying in the survey questionnaire thesources of support obtained, such as the Ministry, local government departments andrelevant industry associations, which helped increase the credibility of the survey. Inaddition, a further mention was made in the questionnaire of the contributions of reliableinformation provided by each firm to the Ministry’s future policy-making in areas ofindustry, technology and trade/energy. Another important feature of the on-line surveyadopted in this study is a mechanism that enabled each respondent to engage in real-timeinteraction with the survey team to discuss concerns relating to the survey (e.g., clarity,security). To ensure that only the selected sample could complete the questionnaire, werequired our respondents to enter their survey identification number and password. Furtherconcerns (e.g., confidentiality, response duplication, security) were addressed by apassword method of entry, personalized email messages, and further assurances of confidentialityin the questionnaire.Electronic surveys are increasingly gaining in popularity as a powerful tool in surveyresearch (Schaefer/Dillman 1998, Kaye/Johnson 1999, Cook/Heath/Thompson 2000,Sills/Song 2002). Despite their attractiveness in many respects (e.g., cost, ease of delivery),they are not without limitations such as sampling, technical issues, response rate, and securityconcerns. In order to prevent these potential problems occurring, we took variousmeasures in survey design and implementation, including the use of pre-contacts, personalizedcontacts, password protection, and security and confidentiality assurances. Althoughthere is still room for improvement (e.g., use of a mixed-mode strategy), the present surveywith its careful survey design and implementation appears to be a sensible means of collectingmeaningful data given it targets a specific Internet experienced sample.

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