Learning French in Morocco or Guadeloupe?

I'm planning on taking French courses for the entire month of July.. And I have the option of doing so in either Rabat, Morocco, or in Guadeloupe. For people that have traveled to these countries, what is your suggestion? In guadeloupe I'd live with a host family, and in Morocoo with a friend I have there. I know guadeloupe would probably be better for an immersion environment.. but what do you guys think?


Well my friend's family is Francophone.. and I'd study at the French Institute. I just wanted to hear someone's experience with these two places.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I'm assuming one of your choices to learn French is Morocco because you have a friend there, otherwise you would go a little further and study in France.

    Guadeloupe in the Caribbean is it closer to home for you?

    Guadeloupe is a Francophone island while Morocco, the French language is only a vestige of that nation's colonial past.

    It comes down to, do you want to stay with a friend in Morocco, where you're not going to encounter many French-speakers (unless you make a few side trips to France) or actually live on a French-speaking island with a host family? Are you OK with a host family or do you really want to see that friend?

    Of course there's Quebec in Canada, but since you didn't mention that, c'est la vie.

    Out of the two, I enjoy the beach scene a lot more and I believe the island is safer so my choice would be Guadeloupe, but I would a few side trips to the other

    islands and this would include Martinique, another Francophone island.

    Edit: You're going to have a difficult time to hear from someone who has been to both places; they are so absolutely different from each other. I love the Caribbean and I never been to Africa.

    The streets of Guadeloupe will be speaking, singing and dancing in French, not in Morocco; however, either would be an experience.

  • oto
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    4 years ago

    I discovered from a truly instructor. You be taught so a lot more, no longer simply the language, however the tradition, ettiquette, the ones little matters and nuances in pronunciation you do not prefer up on a CD. I'd say take a night elegance as carrying on with schooling at a regional junior university. I've spoken French to a woman in my church who's finding out through CD, and I feel she mishears plenty of what she learns. Sometimes I are not able to appreciate what she's announcing. And then she'll say, "You realize, what time is it?" Then I'll say it in French, and she or he's like, "Oh, is that the way you pronounce it?" I do not know. Maybe she simply has unhealthy ears, however if you have a instructor there, they make you repronounce matters and speak to others out loud till they are certain you could have it correct. Have a laugh! French was once my favourite prime institution field. I took 2 years of it! Bonne risk!

  • HJW
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    9 years ago

    Rabat will not be a good option. Besides if you are with a friend you will not learn much.

    So the next one is La Guadeloupe,much better choice and really beautiful.

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