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Who is subject to lawsuits in the Jehovah's Witnesses....The Watchtower Organization, or...?

The "elders"?

The WTBTS has conveniently assigned the elders to a position of being sued themselves if they make a "mistake" that could bring reproach on the Org., or bring a legitimate libel suit for local sins of the members.

Is this "pressure of legal responsibility" a part of the "Light Yoke" that Jesus promised His followers?

Or is this a way to deflect monetary losses from the WTS, onto the lowly servant-bodies?


Conundrum, Was Jesus met by these demons as He was protecting pedophiles in His intimate group, like the Watchtower Society has?

Did Jesus assign responsibilities to defend His earthly Corporation from legal attacks?

Is the Big-Business of the WTBTS, and the real Jesus destined for a showdown?

We shall see, in due time.

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    Lawsuits in the north american setting.. it is against the corp entity, the WTS. The elders per se acted in the behalf of the org... pls it is a corporate liability. Reason why catholic are selling their church to pay the damages. The accused are either dead by now or sentenced by the courts of the land.

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    Did you know that as an adult, Jesus encountered wicked spirit creatures. They recognized Jesus and addressed him as the “Son of God.” Jesus likewise knew who they were. They were not spirits of dead humans. Rather, Jesus identified them as “demons,” or unclean spirits.—Matthew 8:29-31; 10:8; Mark 5:8.

    Wickedness is all around.

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    It is called dodge the bullet.

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