How do you deal with a know it all?

Many of you, at one point or another, may have met someone who does any one or many of these things:

(when I say "the person thinks or feels", I mean that the person gives the impression to suggest that that's what they are actually thinking or feeling)

The person thinks they are an authority for any given matter. The person feels like they are capable of doing things(even when they lack experience or knowledge to do so). The person comes up with fallacious conclusions about how a problem arose and goes around telling everyone about it. When the person argues with someone, who knows about faulty logic, the person(know it all) just says that it's impossible to argue against that person. The person will rarely take responsibility for his own mistakes, it's always someone else's fault or it was an unpreventable accident. These are some things that I would say a 'know it all' does, there could be more.

In addition, a certain know it all that I know often:

tries to make you feel bad to get something from you.

seems very manipulative.

I've been told that the person is used to getting his way.

If I knew better, I'd say this person has sociopathic tendencies, but I don't know better. What do you think about this?

How could you deal with such a person (a know it all)?

2 Answers

  • 9 years ago

    Sounds like they're a doer not a thinker.

    In a work environment, I'd give them a checklist if I needed them to complete certain tasks.

    In a social context, challenge them to IQ tests that have explanations for correct responses. It could improve their rational thought, and also give a written reference for why an answer is incorrect.

    As a teacher, I'd ask students to form small groups to evaluate each other's work, thus providing an opportunity to improve based on each other's feedback. This encourages individuals to take other people's opinions seriously.

    Having said this, the know it all is probably comfortable doing what they're doing because they are comfortable with their identity, or they are uncomfortable with changing it. Perhaps this person is resistant to change for whatever reason. If they are used to getting what they want, be sure to give them a flat 'no' when they ask for something.

  • 9 years ago

    EAT HIM.

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