Karaoke in Visalia CA?

I live in Visalia CA, I love karaoke. I need help. What bar in Visalia has karaoke. But a bar that has a playlist full of new songs such as My heart is a stereo, You are my love, Jar of hearts, Im yours, We are young. It would help a lot. I will be turning 21 in July so I want to sing and drink a little

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    8 years ago
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    Visalia, Ca area Karaoke bars, places

    Lampliter Inn Visalia

    Wednesdays 8pm-11pm


    3300 West Mineral King Avenue

    Visalia, CA

    Hwy 198 and County Center Drive

    Holiday Inn

    Thursday Nights from 8:30pm-12am


    9000 W. Airport Dr.

    Visalia, Ca

    Next to Visalia Airport and Plaza Park CA

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