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Im anew Android user. tips, tricks, hacks, must have apps, just cool things?

Hey guys

Im a new Android user just bought a Galaxy S. So I wanna know if there are hacks like iPhone's you know jailbreaking Cydia. If there is please lemme know. And If there are cool widgets or cool stuff to change the way the home screen looks and all that. And I dont have the Market. I downloaded the Market APK file but wont let me install it duuh that sucks. If there a way to install it please lemme know. I have this applanet thing but I want the Market looks cooler

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Probably best not to jail break.

    The Android apps are now on Google Play. There you will find recommendations based on hundred id not thousands of downlaods. Many of the apps are free and the paid are just a dollar or so.

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