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Any explain what happen to high pressure compressed air moluccas when suddenly released ?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Any explain what happen to high pressure compressed air molecules when suddenly released ?

    First, let’s discuss what happens as the air is compressed. If you feel the side of an air compressor when it is running, the side feels hot. To compress the air, the molecules are forced closer together. As the piston moves inside the cylinder, the molecules are forced into a smaller and smaller space.

    Momentum is always conserved!

    As the moving piston collides with the molecules, momentum is transferred from the piston to the molecules. This causes the velocity of the gas molecules to increase. So, the kinetic energy of the gas molecules increases. Temperature measures the average kinetic energy of atoms and molecules. Since the kinetic energy has increased, the temperature of the air inside the cylinder will increase. When air is force into a tank, the temperature of the air increases. As the tank sits around, the heat energy is transferred from the tank to the environment. Soon, the temperature of the compressed air inside the tank has decreased to the temperature of the air outside the tank, in the environment.

    Stability of a gas depends on the amount of energy and entropy it possesses. If the gas has high energy, it will release the energy to become more stable. A system is more stable, if it has less energy. Entropy measures the amount of disorder a system has. A system is more stable, if it has more entropy.

    When air molecules are outside the tank, they can freely move all around the room. When air molecules are forced into the small space inside the tank, they have much less room in which to move. Gas molecules in a 10 ft wide by 50 ft long by 8 ft tall room have 4000 cubic ft of space in which to move. The same number of gas molecules, in a 2 cubic ft air compressor has much less space in which to move.

    So, the molecules in the room have more disorder than the molecules inside the tank. This mean the air in the room has more entropy than the air inside the tank. So, the air in the room is more stable, than the air inside the tank.

    When compressed air is released from the container, the entropy of the air has increased. As the air leaves the container, the molecules are becoming more stable. This means the total energy of the air in the container has decreased. When you feel the “coolness” of the tank and the cool air coming out of the container, you are observing the effect of increasing entropy.

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    9 years ago

    Unless i'm mistaken, but that's the air you're breathing right now.

    The higher the altitude (mountain) the less pressure there is, hence, the further apart the molecules of air are. Let me restate that: Take the EXACT volume (amount) of air at sea level, and the EXACT volume of air on top of Mount Everest. What you'll find is that they're both comprised of the same molecules, except that the mountain air has less pressure & the molecules are more spaced apart, while the opposite is true for the sea level air (more pressure, closer molecules) with the SAME VOLUME.

    That's why it's harder to breath the higher you go straight up. There isn't "less" air (volume-wise), but simply less pressure and spaced out molecules of air. The technical reason it's harder to breath is because there are less oxygen molecules present at any given time (given that we're biologically used to more pressure and closer molecules). Racing up a mountain is a surefire way to die from hypoxia.

    The reason being is Gravity. Cool eh?

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    4 years ago

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