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PLEASE help me write a speech on Unconditional love!!!?

Hey, I'm supposed to write a speech about Unconditional love. I'm going to compare a part of the book "The Book Thief", which is about the love that Liesel has for Max, and the love that a mother has for her child. I wanna compare unconditional love with conditional love and it's supposed to be more like a speech and NOT an essay. So please, can anyone give me an example. Its supposed to be 3 to 5 minutes long so if you could write a page or half a page it would help me a lot. Please make sure you've got something which will scream out "this is an A+ speech" and not just "this is a speech or regular essay". THANKS one love!!!!!

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    Unconditional love is about loving another creature irrespective of their origin, their sex, their faults or defects, their looks or their attitude, irrespective of how much they demand of you or take from you, however much they have hurt you, failed you, or taken you for granted.

    The mother who loves a baby despite the fact he or she is ugly or deformed, or the one who continues to love her child despite the fact he or she has become a delinquent, a criminal or a drug addict; the wife who continues to love her husband even though he is unfaithful to her or treats her badly; the child who does not stop loving a parent even though he or she has been abused by this parent; the parent that starves to put food in the mouth of a child however unprepossessing or difficult he or she may be, who will carry this child despite his weight, who will risk his or her life for this child; the numerous children deprived of their childhood who care for parents who are disabled and a continuous burden on them; the person who cares daily for another person that has a terrible disease such as Alzheimer's', the human form of BSE, or AIDS; the kind neighbour who visits daily a home bound person despite their crotchety and demanding ways; the person who will rescue an animal that needs continuous care either because it is too young or badly hurt, or the person that has the courage to have a beloved pet put down to save this pet from suffering even though they may be losing their only companion; nurses and doctors who spend their life looking after patients who are totally repulsive; teachers who persevere to help children who are severely disabled : all these are examples of unconditional love.

    I do not know about A+ speeches, but this may put you on the right track and inspire you.

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