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Are their any white people in Suriname and Guyana?

What is there population

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    Suriname and Guyana have both multiethnic and therefore multicultural societies. Many years of gold exploration, plantation work and colonialism under different european powers saw ppl of different races setting their feet on the soil of these two countries.

    Guyana today, is made up of East Indians (more than 40%) followed by africans, amerindians, chinese, portuguese and mixed races. Caucasians would be of portuguese descent or some other european heritage. However they are a minority.

    Suriname's demographics are similar to Guyana's. East indians make up a major ethnic group, u have chinese, amerindians as well and descendants of dutch and portuguese

    Source(s): I am Guyanese
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    Similar to Trinidad or Guyana people,they also have Indonesian (Javanese) people & East Indians.They have many mixed people like half African half Dutch & many pure Blacks,. The people that are Half White & Black, are known as Surinamese Creoles west african slaves, Mixed Descendant of European and African.

    Source(s): My Mom is from Suriname shes Mixed Half White & Black
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