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The bottom right side of my eye lid is all swollen and it hurts whenever i blink?

This happened today during a test in school. i was blinking like a regular human would and i felt a bit of pain. I thought it was dust or an eyelash so i ignored it. After a few more minutes, i felt some pain on my bottom eyelid (right side). Later i asked my friend if he saw any dust in my eye and he told my that my eyelid was all swollen up. I quickly rushed to the bathroom the check and it looks like the flesh from the eye lid that touches the eye has kind stuck out. (the pink thing behind ur eye lid) It hurts when ever i blink or squeeze my eyelids tightly. Can someone place tell me what this is. i don't think its my allergies. (i didn't poke my eye or do anything to it before this happened. and my eye feels "hot" too.

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    it might be infected. i had a similar problem last year and i ignored it and almost went blind. so it doesnt hurt to get it checked out.

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    There may be something in it that you cannot see because it is too small or a tiny scratch.

    OR it may be the start of conjunctivitis.

    It would best to have a doctor or ER take a look.

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