can some1 tell me whats going on?

ok so i had sex pretty much every day after my period till the 17 yes it was unprotected sex and had sex all thru out my ovulation days... i don't get my period till the 1st so when can i take a pregnancy test... this is something y been experience: boos hurt especially when i'm laying on my belly.. cramps back pain fatigue(or maybe its just me been lazy lol) i usually get this mucus kind of stretchy looking thing i get it pretty Much for 4 maybe 5 days but this month i got it only for 2 days.. can some1 tell me what this mean plz thank u

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  • 9 years ago
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    I know this is going to suck hearing but test on May 15th. Two weeks after your missed period will give you a much clearer reading

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