Cost of travelling around Europe for a month?

My sister and I are planning on going to Europe in a year or two. I found a tour site that offers sixteen days for about 5000 dollars in various countries in Europe. I'm not sure if I want to go with a tour though. So how much would it cost to travel around Europe for about a month? I'd prefer to go when it's not so hot and I don't mind if it's raining so we'd probably go in March or April. We'd also prefer hotels instead of hostels but they don't need to be expensive hotels. Or even some really nice hostels would be good. We would be for sure going to Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Italy, London and a couple other places.



Also, we'd be leaving from Canada

Update 2:

We'd for sure be going to France as well

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    I would cut out several of those places. I spent 2 weeks in Italy (and only the north and it was not enough time) and nearly 3 weeks in a small part of France. So while it seems like a better idea to see as many places as you can, I would limit the number of places and see them better and it is less rushed (less travelling from A to B via C with a stop in D as you can literally spend an entire day travelling).

    Look at websites like,, (which also have cheap hotels as well and it might be cheaper to get a shared hotel room than pay for a bed each in a hostel....just look at that as an option...also hotels almost always serve breakfast while hostels generally not.

    Some flights can be cheapish if you get them to the right place at the right time try for buses thruout europe (or has a link as well)

    You can vary your travel. If you travel at night on a bus or train you can save money on sleeping accommodation (I have done it and while I did not sleep well on the bus it was not as bad as I thought and I travelled 12hrs and had more time to sightsee)

    You could also do the odd tour which is worthwhile (guided day tours) which save on stress and are usually a good way to spend a day now and then being herded around and being taken from here and there (often from your hotel as well). eg viator or octopustravel have some options. I did a trip to Pompeii from Rome or to Versailles from Paris etc.

    Some entry into things is free and others you might pay 20 euros so it really varies.

    Food varies from place to place. You might say 10-15 euros for lunchs and 20-30 euros per dinner (plus breakfast if you are in a hostel). Some places you will pay less (and others more)but if you are prepared you will have more options open to you.

    So cut down on the places. France would be a month alone, it is a big country. I spent 5 days in Ireland in a hire car and was exhausted and drove 1000km in 4days. What countries you go to depend on what you like. I personally loved France, Italy, Croatia and Czech Republic but the other places all had something nice.

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    Very good answer by MareeClara. I think the one thing she missed is the budget.

    At this time, a round trip plane ticket will be around $Can 1000 from Toronto, more from the west coast.

    For hostel and cook your own dinner travel in Europe you need to budget about $100 per day each, so for a month that is about $3000 each.

    On top of that will come some costs you will pay at home, like your insurance, and maybe your rail pass or bus pass if you use one.

    It is very easy to spend more, it is harder to spend less but it is possible.

    I think a $5000 tour will cost about the same as traveling without a tour, but on top of the tour comes pocket money, which you will not need when traveling without a tour. And if you are into partying, a tour can cost you half as much again in extras and drinks.

    But by the time you will actually travel, likely the prices as well as the exchange rates will have changed.

    So keep an eye on cost predictions here, but as a general rule, the price for those tours will be about the same as individual travel, before adding the pocket money.

  • Thalia
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    Buy a Lonely Planet guide, choose some places you would like to visit and then work out the basic costs of accomodation and transport first.

    I wouldn't choose too many places far apart as you will waste much of your trip in transit. Its best to focus on one area like northern Italy and southern France, instead of the whole of Europe, to get the most enjoyment out of it.

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    Depends on how much flights are in a year or 2, they are constantly changing so nobody can give you an exact answer, same goes for hotel prices.

    You are better off going on airline websites and working it out yourself depending on what countries and for how long you are staying in each place.

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