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How do I go about restoring my credit after credit fraud?

Someone had committed credit fraud against me and I have recently gone through the legal process to take care of it and have it put on the person responsible. What can I do now with my credit to have it restored to the way it was before?

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    8 Tips to Raise Your Credit Score Quickly:

    Review your credit report from each of the three major reporting agencies closely.

    Always pay your bills on time

    Pay down your credit card balances

    Don’t close unused credit cards accounts

    Never max out your credit cards

    Do your loan shopping quickly

    Get a secured credit card

    Get a gas store card. Those types of cards can be easier to get than regular credit cards. And if you’re trying to establish a credit history, making small monthly charges that you pay off in full and on time each month will work wonders for boosting your credit score quickly.

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