Sci-Fi films with stupid/amazing/exaggerated ideas?

Let me explain...i love Sci-Fi films...Sci-Fi is one of my favorite genres. But the greatest thing bout Sci-Fi films, no matter if they're good or bad, is the fact dat they all got in common stupid/amazing and exaggerated ideas. Some examples: In Alien we got Ridley Scott's legendary sets...and when we enter mother's room we see all those lights and buttons...and they're completely useless...but amazing to look at.

Blade Runner: We got two different things. The first is the scene when Deckard is chasing lady snake and when he runs outside the locker room he starts to push people kinda'he push an asian guy against a taxi...amazingly funny. The second thing is dat he uses dat amazing device in his house to analyze photos with voice control...and zoom...and enlarging capabilities...BUT when he needs to call Rachael the Replicant...he uses a VIDEOphone...not a cellphone or some kind of mobile phone...they don't have cellphones...they would have been too normal..

Another example: Avatar. One of the WORST movies i've seen in the last ten years at least...but the greatest thing of the stupidity of Avatar is dat of all the people they could call...they call a guy on a'they got the most crazy technologies in the universe...they can put people in Aliens' bodies...but they can't cure a guy and take him off of a wheelchair??!! Seriously??!!

So i'm looking for Sci-Fi films with these crazy elements. I have to say dat i've seen all the greatest Sci-Fi films ever and even the ones dat weren't so great...i've seen the most famous Sci-Fi films an'even the less known ones. So i'm hoping someone knows films dat i haven't watched...especially from the 70s & the 80s.

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