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MVP of each series to this day?

NY Rangers - Ottawa 2-2 // I would take the easy road and say one of the goalies, but instead I'm going to say Kyle Turris. When they were down by 2, his 3 points (including OT winner) gave them life in the series and showed NY that they weren't to be taken lightly.

Boston - Washington 2-2 // I think Holtby by a mile. Before the match-up I figured he would do well, a rookie getting his golden chance to shine and prove himself, we see this time and time again where a 'no-name' goalie rises to the occasion.

Devils - Panthers 2-2 // Eww..not a fan of this series, I'll just say Marty Brodeur because he sealed a NHL record for shutouts, in addition it was one that sealed a 4-0 victory, which will surely give them fire in game 5

Philly - Pittsburg 3-1 // Girioux. Dude's been unbelievable and is the only Hart Candidate to play consistently in the playoffs (correct me if i'm wrong)

Vancouver - Kings 1-3 // Dustin Brown. It's about time he showed that he can play well, 5 points in the series and 2 short handed goals in a single game just gave them so much confidence, and really gave a big blow to the Canucks. Schneider is playing well, though. Keep an eye on him.

St. Louis - San Jose 3-1 // With the amazing defense St. Louis had all season, you'd expect one of the goal tenders to get my vote here (7 goals split between them in 4 games). Although that is good, the biggest question for me at least was could they score against a physical, defensively viable (more than some other teams out there) San Jose team, with an experienced playoff goalie in Niemi. They've been able to score, and in large due to Andy McDonald. I'm not going to pretend like I knew who he was before the series, but the kids made a name for himself. 3 Goals and 4 Assists against the Sharks isn't bad at all, and what a time to catch fire.

Phoenix - Chicago 3-1 // TORRES. haha j/k, f**k that dude. I like Phoenix coming in this series and proving why they got the #3 spot, heck made me a believer. Given the firepower Chicago can dishout and how capable they are, I'm going to say Mike Smith. 2.18 GAA in 4 games, but most important mentally strong in overtime both at home and away, yeah he might get nervous in the closing seconds of games, but he overcomes that in overtime.

Nashville - Detroit 3-1 // *heavy sigh*. Glad to say it's Pekka Rinne. Best of luck to him, made me happy to find out him and Valtteri Filppula were friends and played against each other, makes me like the guy even more.

Interesting note: all 4 series in Western Conference is at 3-1, 3/4 in Eastern is 2-2.

What do you all think?

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    Ok so:

    NYR vs OTT - MVP: Brian Boyle, C

    You're right to take a goalie would be the easy way out, but if Ottawa wins this series it will be thanks to Craig Anderson, the same goes for NYC and Lundqvist. However, at a deadlock the guy that takes the title for this series has been Brian Boyle. He is one of the most underrated players in the league, he is big and strong, can win face-offs, score goals, kill penalties, hit, block shots and he has been a pivotal component in this New York team all year round. The Ottawa MVP would have to be Craig Anderson, but since you can only have one MVP Boyle takes the title.

    WSH vs BOS - MVP: Braden Holtby, G

    You are absolutely right, this one is a no-brainer. Braden Holtby is the reason that this series has been so close and in fact he's probably doing better than Vokoun would have if he were healthy. If the Caps win this series, which I think they will it will absolutely be because of Mr. Braden Holtby. The Boston MVP would be Tim Thomas, of course, because he has been outstanding in the shadow of Holtby, but only one MVP can win and thats Holtby.

    NJD vs FLA - MVP: Definitely not Brodeur, but Sean Bergenheim, W

    Brodeur has been inconsistent and so has Jose Theodore/Scott Clemensen. The pick for the Cats would be Sean Bergenheim who has flourished (yet again as he did with Tampa last year) in the playoffs and is among the league leaders in points, the NJD MVP would be Travis Zajac, but Bergenheim takes the title. Yeah, this is the least interesting series.

    PHI vs PIT - MVP: Marc-André Fleury, AHAHa yeah right, no it's Claude Giroux, C

    Giroux has taken the playoffs by storm and is obviously the no-brainer for current Conn Smythe Tophy frontrunner, even if the Peguins somehow win Giroux is still the MVP.

    LAK vs VAN - MVP: Dustin Brown, W

    Dustin Brown is just like Brian Boyle but he scores more goals. He is big, strong a great leader and has done everything for the Kings this series without him the Kings wouldn't be a game away from a SEISMIC upset. If theCanucks win which is highly improbable, Cory Schneider is the MVP for taking the team by the reigns and leading it to 1 victory, but for now Brown gets the crown.

    STL vs SJS - MVP: Andy McDonald, W

    Although goaltending has been brilliant we were expecting that, but the only weakness of the Blues was their weaker offence, and McDonald has stepped up to the plate scoring 7 points in four games! Although Halak has been stellar, the title goes to Andy who has been saving this team's offensive woes. If SJS wins which they won't it'd be Joe Thornton or Logan Couture, but McDonald is MVP.

    PHX - CHI - MVP: Mike Smith, G

    No matter what you say, the coyotes could have NEVER done this with Bryzgalov. And look who steps up, long time backup Mike Smith. And he's been amazing! He has been stellar in overtime time and time again, and if the Coyotes win which i think they sadly will, it'll be all because of Smith, if the Hawks however, turn around the series, it goes to Patty Kane who seems to be the only one trying to do something. But Smith takes it.

    NSH vs DET - MVP: Pekka Rinne, G

    So many goalies! But they have all been so good! Last year goalies were said not to be the most important thing in the playoffs, this year you NEED a goalie thats great and boy has Rinne been great. Not many people can stop the Red Wings, Rinne can. And he has. If the wings win which they won't I couldn't give anyone the title because Rinne has shut everyone down, but if a gun was pointed to my head i would say datsyuk, but Rinne wins it for sure hands down.

    this is the closest playoffs i have ever seen in years and I'm excited, the rangers are gonna beat the blues in the finals btw ;-)

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    Ny vs Ottawa = MVP = Matt Carkner...I know it sounds crazy but the second Carkner laid out Boyle was the second the Senators were back in that series. Rangers were just strolling along in the series until Carkner sparked the Sens. He also had a nice assist in the last game too.

    Boston vs Washington = Holtby...No question about it..As a Bruins fan Holtby drives me crazy!! Boston must get into his head. Hit him, bump him, talk trash to him....Whatever it takes but they have to get to Holtby!..Dont forget about Tim Thomas....Boston has been struggling to score any goals and Thomas is keeping them alive...In Boston wins the series is because of Thomas!

    Devils vs Panthers = I am with you 100%..This series is just not interesting for me! But I would say MVP of the series has to be Bergenheim. 2 goals and 2 assists to lead the Panthers.

    Philly vs Pitt = I agree with Giroux for MVP..Even though I really feel that the most valuable person for the Flyers has to be their coach. Laviolette did a MASTERFUL job getting into the heads of the Pens. He got so far in their heads they went almost 2 full games without even playing hockey, just had them running around like idiots!

    Vancouver vs Kings = Jonathan Quick for MVP of the series. Through the first 3 games of the series Vancouver never scored more than 2 goals in a game..And game 3 was a shutout. Vancouver can score against anyone but they have been struggling against Quick.

    St. Louis vs San Jose = McDonald! easily!...Nobody really expected him to do much but he basically took over this series!

    Phoenix vs Chicago = I agree with Mike Smith for sure!

    Nashville vs Detroit = I will say Shea Weber...His defense is crazy good, he has some points, he got into the heads of Detroit, he plays hard and physical like he should. He won this series for Nashville!

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