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how many famous people are named amber?

Well, it's for school. And, my name is Amber. SO. I need to find this out pretty fasttttt. ;3

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    •Amber Valletta: model (born February 9, 1974)

    •Amber Benson: actress (born January 8, 1977)

    •Amber Boatman: Miss Arkansas, 2002

    •Amber Gosdin: Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader

    •Amber Green: Miss Missouri, 1996

    •Amber Hamilton (1996 Miss Washington)

    •Amber Jacobs: WNBA basketball player (born June 29, 1982)

    •Amber Lancaster: actress

    •Amber Marie: model

    •Amber Medlin: Miss Virginia, 1996

    •Amber Michaels: porn star (born November 17, 1968)

    •Amber Smith: actress/model (born March 2, 1972)

    •Amber Strauser: Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader

    •Amber Tamblyn: actress (born May 14, 1983)

    •Amber Teterissa: actress

    Celebrity babies named Amber:

    •Hayley Amber, child of actor David Hasselhoff

    •Amber Springbird, child of actor Jan Michael Vincent

    •Amber, child of musician Neil Young

    •Willow Amber, child of musician Roger Daltry

    •Amber Rose Tamara (born 1989), child of musician Simon Le Bon

    And of course there's Amber Rose, Kanye West's ex.

    You can also do a google search.

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    Amber Tamblyn

    Amber Riley

    Tiffani Amber Thiessen

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    Amber Tamblyn (sp?) - from Joan of Arc and the Sisterhood of the traveling pants

    That's all i can think of or know of.. #sorry

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    Amber Reilly (Mercedes on Glee) x

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