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Nick S asked in SportsHockey · 8 years ago

How much is a signed Doug Brown Red Wings puck and a signed Stu Grimson red wings photo worth?

I was wondering what the vale for both of these are

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  • 8 years ago
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    Really it depends on too many variables to answer here. For example, it depends on how clear the signatures are, it depends on if it's a real signature or something done with an auto-pen. Do you have any kind of documentation that the signature is genuine? Really the best way to find out is to bring it to a sports memorabilia dealer and have them appraise it for you.

    The photo is probably worth about $15-$20 (which is full retail price), and the puck is probably worth about $20-$25 (again full retail). So if you were to sell it you'd probably get offered about half of that price (because the people who buy sports memorabilia want to make about 50% profit margin which is actually very reasonable as that is how they stay in business). So you're probably looking at a value of about $40 for both, would be my guess. But really the value of these is what ever they are worth to you or to a person you're selling them too. For example if you know a guy that's a HUGE Doug Brown fan then he might buy the puck even if you're only willing to sell it for $100.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Nothing cause the red wings are ****

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