How do I choose an SSD Drive for my Windows Computer?

I know that capacity is one consideration. What are the other factors that differentiate a SSD drive? SATA vs ? I'm looking for something to increase performance during multi-tasking, system startup and because my C drive is going bad. So, I'll want to install Windows 7 and a few other applications that I use most often onto the SSD drive.



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  • 8 years ago
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    SSD's use the same SATA interface as regular mechanical hard drives. To get the most benefitr out of an SSD you should buy one that is rated at SATA 3 speeds, you will also need SATA 3 speed ports on your motherboard too. If you only have SATA 2 on your mobo then you won't get the full benefit of a fast SSD, although it will be faster that a traditional hard drive.#

    Next you need to consider the size as per GB SSD's are still quite expensive.

    To use a boot drive for Windows and to store the program files folder, [put your personal user files on another mechanical HDD] 128GB is really the minimum size. If you want to put a lot of games on the SSD to improve load times then 256GB is more realistic.

    The other alternative is to use a low capacity SSD of 64GB as a hidden disk that is is used as a cache to speed up windows boot time, and access to commonly used software. The drive will not appear in MyComputer as it is a cache drive only and you files and windows install will be on a regular hard drive. To be able to use this method you have to have a motherboard with an Intel SandyBridge CPU and the specific Z68 chipset, only boards with this chipset support the use of SSD as a cache drive using Intels supper fetch technology

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