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Why many Japanese including their politicians still deny that Nanjing massacre has ever happened?

Please read this all carefully and answer, just don't answer with one sentence saying like 'every country did some kind of things like that'

the difference between Germany and Japan is, Germany sincerely apologized for what they did, but Japan on the other hand is faking their history in their textbooks, also their politicians still attend yaskurin shrine, where their former war-crime people are buried at, also they're having conflicts with all of its neighboring countries over territory. and some days ago i even read a news saying a mayor of a Japanese city denied that Nanjing massacre ever happened, so China and Japan got into a huge conflict again, also most of their young people don't seem to even know what their ancestors roughly did in the near past because they're studying using faked-history textbooks.

BUT ironically, i encounter many people who just think Japanese are good people in general, when they're not, they're two-faced and they're famous for not revealing their true mind.

also people always tend to DEFEND Japanese Brutal history saying 'every country did some evil in history' No...not every country did something comparable to Nazis and hasn't ever apologized for it and even faked theri history. Why people always downplay Japanese war-crimes when they always talk about Nazis?

I think Japan is really evil in general, it's unfortunate many haven't realized it watching some stupid animes.

If you're from S.Korea, China or Russia or any other Asian country, you may understand what i mean.

I think they really deserven ongoing Fukushima disaster...


and some days ago their prime minister(Noda) said Confort-women potrayed is being exaggerated.

Update 2:

***funk you, why are you defending Japan???

there are really many photos taken at Nanjing back at time, are you ignoring are those...??? also many westerners witnessed it.

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    Simple: pride.

    The extremists who completely believe that it "never happened" will influence the next generations and so on.

    No one deserves disasters, but what's in the past is in the past. They keep denying it, but what can we do? We can ⒷⒾⓉⒸⒽ about it all we want but nothing will be done. Time to move on. What they did won't be forgotten, just like the Holocaust, but what else can you do?

    How do you know that every single last one of them is two faced?

    Have you met EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL out there? No.

    You're only basing that off on your point of view on their history.

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  • 8 years ago

    This is the same in Germany where the actions of some are not explainable so the best course is to deny it.

    There is no way Japan can justify what they did before and during World War 2, so they claim things did not happen or that they are being exaggerated.

    You can not punish people for what their ancestors did, since they were not born and had no part in those things.

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  • 8 years ago

    Because the Emperor, awhile ago, declared it a myth.

    Source(s): Born in the USA, but I have Russian Ancestors
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    Why South Korea did crimes vietnam ?

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