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What is hands free access control?

Give me some info about hands free access control,thank you!

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    Hands free access control is a new style access control system. When you are close to a door, the base station of system communicating with the tag on yourself judges that if you have the right to open the door. After the security judgment, the door will be open automatically. You do not need to swipe your card as the common access control. Another advantage of hands free access control is that the system can precisely control the range where a person with the authorized tag can open the door. Ecived Electronics & Technology Co., Ltd provides a wonderful hands free access control system with patented technique and algorithm. The system name is EaseGate. User can adjust the effective range from 0~5 m with this system. EaseGate system can provide you with security, ease feeling and free your hands.

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    i have used hands free access control system . It really make you feel as you are boss and automatically things adjust themselves for you.

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