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What do you think of my choice of song for each singer on American Idol next week?

Hollie Cavanghn

Are you happy now-Meg and Liz

Are you happy now-Michelle Branch

Skylar Laine

Turn on the Radio-Reba McEntire

You belong with me-Taylor Swift

Joshua Ledet

Try a little tenderness-Ottis Redding

When a man loves a woman-Percy Sledge

Elise Testone

Sweetybaby-Macy Gray

Say it Right-Nelly Furtado

Phllip Phillips

Whatever the Hell he wants

Jessica Sanchez


Sweetheart-Mariah Carey


Hey Lotus, I only suggested that Josh sing that Ottis Redding song again because he would do a smash performance of it and show the world that Jessica can't sing just any song better than anybody(although she is my pick to win idol.)

Update 2:

Also the link is there so if you don't know the song you can click on it and hear them. I love all these songs. And i think Hollie or Skylar would rock Michelle Branch's Are you happy now.

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    Hollie- I don't know these songs

    Skylar- Don't know these songs and I hate Taylor Swift

    Joshua- Jessica already sang the first one, but When a Man loves a woman is a good choice.

    Elise- neither song

    Jessica- She should sing Halo.

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    jessica halo

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