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nitrogen fixation is carried out primarily by?

please give short answers

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    Nitrogen fixation is one process by which molecular nitrogen is reduced to form ammonia. This complex process is carried out by nitrogen-fixing bacteria present in the soil. Although nitrogen-fixation involves a number of oxidation-reduction reactions that occur sequentially, that reaction which describes its reduction can be written in a simplified way as:

    N2 + 6 e- + 8H+ ---> 2 NH4+ (ammonium ion)

    Another way in which molecular nitrogen is modified is via the discharge of lightning. The tremendous energy released by the electrical discharges in our atmosphere breaks the rather strong bonds between nitrogen atoms, causing them to react with oxygen. Note in this process, nitrogen is oxidized and oxygen is reduced.


    N2 + O2 --------------> 2 NO (nitric oxide)

    The nitrous oxide formed combines with oxygen to form nitrogen dioxide.

    2 NO + O2 ---------------> 2NO2

    Nitrogen dioxide readily dissolves in water to product nitric and nitrous acids;

    2 NO2 + H2O -------> HNO3 + HNO2

    These acids readily release the hydrogen forming nitrate and nitrite ions which can be readily utilized by plants and micro-organisms.

    HNO3 --------> H+ + NO3- (nitrate ions)

    HNO2 --------> H+ + NO2- (nitrite ions)

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    Nitrogen fixation naturally occurs in the air by means of lightning.

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    Definitely the bacteria. Nitrogen fixing bacteria live symbiotically within the roots of beans and clover and convert N2 gas from the to NO3- (nitrate ion), used by plants to make amino acids and protein.

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    by bacteria

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