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Being gay in the military-spouse benefits? (USAF)?

I am currently on DEP for the USAF. I am gay but have not disclosed my sexuality to my recruiter. I am in a serious same-sex relationship and it has brought up some serious questions for me and my partner.

What benefits are available to spouses in a same-sex partnership?

Would i be able to get stationed near my partner? or could he get relocated near me?

I have so many questions and I'm not sure if i should bring this up to my recruiter but may eventually just end up asking him. I'm sure more questions will come to mind as time goes on so if anyone has any answers or links to information that may be helpful it would but much appreciated.

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    There are many military benefits that fall under the category of "member designated," meaning that the service member may designate those benefits to anyone regardless of relationship. You can read about member designated benefits in this article:

    You'll notice that none of these benefits are the typical things that one thinks about when they consider military benefits, such as medical, housing, and commissary privileges. There are ways around some of those things, like housing and commissary, but they involve having a child and designating your partner as the child's primary caregiver. It is complicated.

    Good luck to you.

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    There will be no benefits to your partner. Gay marriage is not federally recognized, so to the military, you are a single soldier. You will reside in the barracks just like every other single soldier. They will send you wherever they need you to go and your partner is not in the equation. They will not pay to move your partner. Of course, your partner could pay to move to your location but you would not be able to live with him since you will be living in the barracks until you reach E-5.

    There is no reason to disclose your sexuality to your recruiter. Your recruiter nor the military cares. It is your personal life. They only care if you are married or not. Same sex partner fall on the same scales as girlfriends/boyfriends...they do not exist in the eyes of the military.

    Now, the one thing you can do for your partner is put your life insurance pay out in his name so that if you are killed, he gets the insurance.

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    No i'm sorry, the relationships of same intercourse couples are no longer known by way of the armed forces, neither is there any thank you to alter that right this moment. The DOD is a federal company, and as such is valuable by way of the Federal protection of Marriage Act, which forbids any federal acceptance of same intercourse marriage, whether the marriage is known by way of a state. as long as DOMA is binding and in place, the armed forces won't provide you the choice to renowned same intercourse marriage or furnish spousal advantages to same intercourse spouses, as far simply by fact the armed forces is in contact, a same intercourse companion isn't any diverse than a heterosexual boyfriend or female pal, they do no longer exist. The provider member is taken care of as single and the companion isn't eligible for any spousal advantages.

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    nothing. until DoMA is repealed same sex marriage cannot be federally recognized and as such the mIlitary cannot acknowledge it as valid.

    there is some discretion/leeway with regards to housing, that's about.. under normal circumstances, Single personnel below E4 are not authorized BAH. however they are allowing COs to make a case by case determination to permit Single BAH to those personnel who present a valid reason.

    since the Military cannot and will not recognize your partner's existence, all expenses incurred for him to join you will be out of pocket and if you get orders overseas, you will NOT be allowed to be together as the Host Nation will not permit it( most tourist visas top out at 90 days)

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    The Military believe in the old fashion way of a man and a woman in Marriage.. They do not recognized same sex relationship/ marriage

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    It should be fine to ask your recruiter about gay rights because they dropped the DADT (don't ask don't tell) on September 20, 2011 Although same sex marriages and gays are technically allowed into the armed forces, the benefits are not the same as girl-guy marriages. Yes it's unfair, because I myself am a gay women in the armed forces, wishing to marry my fiancé very soon but still unsure of the consequences that may take place following the "I Do" .. Ask your recruiter. Best tip.

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