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Why love or hate snakes?

I have to wonder why some people love snakes and some people hate snakes? Is it religion like pagan and Christianity, ethnicity since there are no snakes on Ireland, new Zealand or Hawaii and some places certainly have a lot of venomous snakes and some places have more non venomous snakes. I'm kind of indifferent and don't like or unlike snakes. I feel like they don't (can't ?) show emotion and seem like cruddy pets. I love cats and will beat the flamers to it, a proper sized cat will own a snake: bobcat. vs rattler, jaguar vs anaconda.

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    Actually, if the rattler bites the bobcat... bobcat is probably screwed. :P

    That said, I like snakes because they don't require social interaction. It's like having fish, only I can handle them and there's less upkeep. I find my snakes beautiful, and fascinating to watch. Plus it's nice to have some animals that don't instigate the "whiny pet chorus" every night. Especially the whiny cat chorus. An hour and a half before feeding time the "MROOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!" starts up... and doesn't stop.

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    I love most animals simply because I think they're beautiful and fascinating-- including, but not limited to, snakes.

    When I was younger I had an aunt who kept all kinds of unusual pets-- lizards, snakes, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats, hamsters, etc. I just always thought it was cool-- particularly the snakes, I though they were fun to hold.

    I like dogs, cats and birds, too... I just like animals. Never really saw it as a religious thing.

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