can someone plz help me?

ok so me and my husband had sex all week after my period me stop like 3 days ago i been really h**** and that's not like me when i sleep in my belly i start getting crams my boobs hurt i took a pregnancy test today but it came back - my period isn't till the 1st did i took the test to soon when can i take it again


sorry i forgot to mention i did have sex all Tru out my ovulation except for 1 day

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  • 9 years ago
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    A woman doesn't typically ovulate until 2 weeks after her period, hun. there is no way in the world you could be pregnant right now & you aren't suppose to take a pregnancy test until you have missed your period.. You can't get pregnant until you ovulate. You still have time to get pregnant this month though.. just figure out when you ovulate and to learn more about that do some research!! Good luck!

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