Ultra Quiet Fan Setup for PC Case?

I would like to optimise the fans in my pc case to be ultra quiet, while still giving a good airflow.

I'm wondering what brand of fan I should get for various locations, how many i should get, and the positions. The case is quite an open airflow and therefore you can hear the hum/spin of the fans.

I have a Coolermaster CM690 towercase, which looks like this:



Most are 120mm fan sizes - but might be able to fit 140mm. There could be up to two on the top (back/middle), two on the side (top/middle), one on the back/top, and one on the front/bottom.

For this type of case, does anyone know the best location to place fans - intakes and outtakes? Is the side fan(s) intake a good option, or is it better to have them on the fan as exhaust, etc.

It currently has the CPU liquid cooled pumping to a fan at the top/back of the case, using Intel Thermal Solution RTS2011lc. So no CPU fan - the input power for the CPU fan is currently going to the pump and back heat sink which can have a fan attached either side. Which looks like this:


Currently the temperatures is around 22c idle to 37c load, fans only spinning around 800-1200rpm, so it is working really well. Temperature and overclocking isn't much of an issue. The motherboard is currently automatically adjusting the fan speeds and they are coolermaster 120mm standard stock for the case, except the Intel Thermal Solution RTS2011lc fan, however is also 120mm size.

The original fan on this CPU cooler is however a bit loud, is it better to replace this, what side of the heat sink would it be best to have the fan on - front or back?

A Silent Pro M700 - Cooler Master for the PSU, which takes air from the bottom/back to out the back. I don't believe this is an issue - not loud.

It also has a Nvidia 570GTX with intake fan inside the case near the mid/bottom, pumping out at the back. Make a little noise but it's okay.

What brand/type of fans do you recommend for a quiet pc? For example, are the Noctua worth the price, such as the ultra quiet Noctua NF-S12B ULN? Or are the Fractal Design FD 140mm or 120mm would getting, or will they not provide enough airflow as the Max speed (RPM) is quite low?

Is it better to negative, balance, or positive pressure cool, in regards to how many intake fans vs outtake fans?

Is it worth getting noise foam and/or something else?

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  • 8 years ago
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    As a rule of thumb, and actually a rule of the world, hot air rises, so you install the outtake fans at the top of the case, keep them at around 900-1000 rpm to suck out all the hot out. Keep the liquid cooling system, or for ultimate quiet get a thermo-electric cpu cooler like this:http://www.ecrater.com/p/2363428/coolit-systems-fr...

    Thats kind of pricey so you can shop around for cheaper ones

    Keep the side intakes, but replace the fan. Also you want an even balance between outake and intake fans, or you can have more intake than outtake

  • 4 years ago

    Ur just braggin haha. Between the quad-core 3.9 ghz processor and the monster GTX 680 4gb which is like 900 bucks all on its own, this could run battlefield ultra settings around 150 fps ... Just make sure u get good monitor thats not a cheapo 100 dollar one

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