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Can You Guys help on this ??? Ill give best answer thumbs up n points?

1. Which one of these sentences uses commas correctly?

A. Craig decided to call Judy, and Nancy.B. I just read, Moby Dick a classic novel.

C. We like our new television but, we have to take it back.D. The buffet included various meats, potatoes, salads, and desserts.

2. A sentence reads, "I think Robert Mary Jane Andrea Lee Ann and I should be the members of the committee." Not knowing how the different names are actually connected, how many commas must you add to the sentence to show that there will be five people on the committee?

A. FiveB. TwoC. ThreeD. Four

3. In which one of the following examples is the date written correctly?

A. Wed., 10-23, 1997B. Monday, November, 12, 2004C. Monday, November 12, 2004D. Wednesday, Aug. 6 2003

4. Which of the following sentences contains correct usage of its/it's?

A. Its only a game.B. Let's go out on Friday; it's my birthday!C. My grandmother always said, "Its not if you win or lose, but how you play the game."

D. The dog chased it's tail until it got dizzy

5. Which of the following is an important rule regarding colon usage?

A. The information preceding a colon must be a complete sentence.B. A colon can't be used in a question.C. A colon points to an idea in an earlier sentence.

D. A colon always introduces a list.

6. Which of the following sentences contains a comma splice?

A. The cruise ship docked on Oahu, then again on Maui.B. The kitten climbed the drapes, it couldn't figure out how to get down.C. Our friend, who travelled from Tennessee, was quite tired when he arrived.D. We need help with organization, structure, and spelling.

7. In which one of the following sentences could you best use a semicolon?

A. If you ask me, Jerry is a tennis whiz.B. Jerry loves tennis he plays every day.

C. Lucille bought a new tennis racket and brought it home.D. When she is worried, Lucille eats a lot.

This question is based on the following paragraph.

(1) It was December 7, 1941. (2) The freighter Florentine, 320 miles northeast of the Hawaiian Island of Hilo was lumbering along at about 15 knots when the garbled message came in over the radio: (3) "Attack on Pearl Harbor; this is not a drill!" (4) With the message burned into his mind, First Mate Lovett all but ran up the ladder to the bridge. (5) "Pearl harbor," he choked out, "It's been attacked!" (6) Turning away from the ship's compass, Captain Steele looked at Lovett with narrowed eyes but made no reply. (7) "Should we change course, Skipper?" Lovett blurted. (8) Steele looked back at the ship's compass but still had nothing to say. (9) Lovett was beginning to feel frantic. (10) In measured tones he said, "The message said, "This is no drill." Should we still make for Kodiak?"

8. In which sentence are quotation marks used incorrectly?

A. Sentence 7B. Sentence 5C. Sentence 10.D. Sentence 3

9. Which of the following options accurately represents the steps involved in the writing process?

A. Write first draft, revise, proofread, write final draftB. Plan, write first draft, proofread, write final draft

C. Plan, write first draft, edit, write final draftD. Write first draft, edit, revise, write final draft

10. Which one of the following titles is capitalized correctly?

A. If it's Tuesday, Sound the TrumpetB. The Postman Always Rings Twice

C. The Call Of the WildD. Their Eyes were Watching God

11. Which one of the following sentences contains an error in capitalization?

A. Americans were not prepared for the Winter of 1988.B. I think we should plan a trip to Nashville.C. Have you read A Day in the Life of Sarah's Cat?

D. I've crossed the Mojave, the Kalahari, and the Sahara deserts.

12. Which of the following is not a true statement regarding the writing process?

A. It can be used to develop any type of writing.B. It can be instrumental in developing a quality paper.C. It can be used only for research projects.

D. It can guide the author from planning through the final draft.

13. In which one of the following sentences is the comma used correctly?

A. Frieda packed her suitcase with clothing, accessories and paperback books.B. Giving it their best, none of the swimmers broke John Gore's record.

C. Johnson is my attorney, he finally broke the silence.D. Patrick, the star player is the only freshman on the team.

14. To set off a quote within a quote, you should use

A. commas.B. single quotation marks.C. regular quotation marks.D. apostrophes.

15. In which sentence do apostrophes serve to indicate both possession and contraction?

A. I can't say whether it's hers.B. Let's see whom we'll call on next.C. It's Howard's fault.

D. Lady's slippers were under Carol's bed.

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    Life is much too short for me to do your homework. Besides, can you trust the answers you might get?

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    They don't take away any points or give any points for thumbs down. They should cost two points for thumbs down so nobody will be quick to do that.

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    you should do your own homework

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    Longest question ever!

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