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What do you guys think about Giuliana Rancic not wanting her gestational carrier to drink soda?

On the last episode of Giuliana and Bill, she was very concerned about her gestational carrier eating fried chicken or drinking soda. As you can see, Giuliana probably doesn't eat a lot. She is very underweight, which is not "fit" or healthy (she runs a site called "fit and fun"). She goes on to describe how important dieting is to her. I was disappointed (as I really admire her) that she would even be concerned about this. I know there's nothing like experiencing a pregnancy when you can do it yourself, but to try to control your carrier's diet is a bit out of line, in my opinion. Having an occassional soda or some "trans fat" will not do any harm to a fetus/baby. I understand that there are drug screenings for surrogates, but definitely no testing for a strict healthy diet! She should certainly let this issue go and be happy of the fact that she can potentially have a baby!


No judging here - it's an opinion. I do admire her tons, and hate the fact she's going through cancer treatment, but when it comes down to it, it's not her body - do you feel it's completely fair to the carrier?

Update 2:

I'm not trying to start debates, just saying a coke a week "ain't going hurt nothing."

Update 3:

I love Giuliana to death, but she should take my opinion to heart and maybe eat a little trans fat to gain about 20-25 pounds.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I really feel awful for her, having 2 kids of my own was easy for me though I got a late start in life.

    However, while I see how she might be really cocnerned with food and health issues given her struggles, I do think its a bit over the top.

    Frankly, being paid 20k or 30k is a pittance in my opinion given what your body goes through carrying a child and the emotional toll it would take to go through that and hand the baby over, even though its giving someone else a huge gift.

    I am overall pretty healthy and a vegetarian, never smoked drank, avoided excess caffeine when pregnant. But, that occassional soda or junk food is sometimes they key to my sanity during pregnancy. I agree she should probably dial it back a little bit. Perhaps reality tv is trying to trump up some extra drama.

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  • 4 years ago

    When you are saying you took a glucose experiment, do you imply the one million hour experiment? I ask when you consider that a LOT of pregnant females, after they take that experiment, fail it, for quite a lot of factors. However, after they cross directly to take the three hour experiment, the ones equal females will generally move it. Failing the primary experiment does now not imply you are always going to have gestational diabetes. To reply your query, despite the fact that, sure, controlling your consumption of meals/drinks which can be prime in sugar can rather aid manage it. As for the cravings, exchange the chocolates with fruit; it is going to deliver you a candy factor to consume which is not prime in processed sugars.

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  • JennyP
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    I don't think it's fair to judge her. She was preparing for a double mastectomy, processing the fact that she can never carry her own child and choosing a stranger to do it for her all at once. That's a lot of control to give up all at one time.

    I have completely eliminated soda and caffeine during both pregnancies, because I think it's better for the baby. She is lucky to have the opportunity to use a surrogate, but it can't be easy to know that you don't get to make those decisions yourself.

    EDIT: Also, please remember that the biological parents pay a large fee to the surrogates for their service (often in the $20,000-$30,000 range before all of the medical expenses, counseling sessions etc). Being asked to eat healthy is not an unrealistic demand compared to what some employers might ask of you.

    A friend of mine was a surrogate for a local family who could not have their own child, and they had a fairly lengthy list of requests, which she was more than happy to oblige! They paid extra with the understanding that she would buy all organic meats & produce and bought her monthly pre-natal massages for relaxation. Keep in mind that this is all discussed and decided before they implant the fertilized egg! A surrogate mother can always say no prior to signing the contract if she's not comfortable with any requests.

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