Any advice on getting to the Beacon Theater by train from Jersey?

What's the easiest way? Go to NY Penn, then take another train or a cab? Beacon is 2.4 miles from Penn. Thank you.

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  • 8 years ago
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    My friend, since you're traveling on NJ Transit into the City, the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to get from Penn Station to the Beacon Theater, which is located on West 74th Street and Broadway, is by subway.

    Take the uptown (northbound) number 2 or 3 subway lines, which is the red line on the subway map at the link below, from 34th Street-Penn Station to 72nd Street.

    Once you exit the subway at 72nd Street, walk two blocks north along Broadway from the subway station to the theater as indicated on the map at the link below.

    The trip by subway from Penn Station to the 72nd Street take around 10 minutes, plus an addition two to three minutes walk from the 72nd Street subway station to the theater.

    The one way fare on the subway is $2.25 with a pay per ride (regular fare) MetroCard or $2.50 with SingleRide ticket.

    I hope this information is very helpful.

    Good luck

    Native New Yorker

    Source(s): (printable subway map) (location of theater and walking distance from subway)
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    Beacon Theater Directions

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    Simple. It's at 74th Street and Broadway, so all you have to do is go into Penn Station and take the Bronx-bound (2) or (3) to 72nd Street, get out towards the front of the train, and walk to the Beacon Theater. It should take about 10-15 minutes.

    I hope this information was very helpful.

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    Where in Jersey exactly? If you are close enough to NY, you can take the path. If you are farther away, you can take the bus. Megabus is now in Atlantic City and Princeton. You can also take the Amtrack.

    From Penn Station, you would hop on the 3 (red) downtown to Harlem. After 2 stops, get off at 72th.

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