Favourite movies where there's a character named Emma?

It can be a main character, the movie title, or just one of the supporting characters who's called 'Emma'. Isn't it such a nice name? :)

BQ: Emjob, Donatella would like it if you unblocked him on Y!A (just passing on the message)

BQ2: Bad book to good movie adaptaions?

BQ3: If you were cast in your favourite movie, which character would you play and why?

Thanks for answering. Hope you're having a good week!


Haha n'awww all of you. I actually didn't even think this question through I just knew I wanted to incorporate the name 'Emma' in it somehow. So I'm sorry it's hard to think of Emma-related names.

@Maddie your BA3 is awesome! To be in Blade Runner even if it's a small character would be so cool!

Aww and it's okay, the star limit thingy sucks balls.

@Dr X thanks for answering! i've only seen half of kindargarten cop, barely remember it but now 'm reminded again to check it out so thanks!

Update 2:

*i don't know why the rest of my edits didn't show but here it goes...*

@Liam Alex delarage is an awesome choice! I had a feeling you'd pick Clockwork or a movie. It's okay if you couldn't think of a character, thanks for trying! I have no idea what the brackets mean but I like to think its some sort of greeting. Haha. ((Liam))

@Emma!! Yeah I'm sorry that this stuff became public knowledge, and when awkward situations arise I tend to joke about it so "time of the month" We love you too!

@logan Emma1996 would've been my choice too!!! So glad someone mentioned it. Loll I love how you picked to be Laurie in Halloween. Great choice!

@V heyV! Long time! I loveee Dark City that movie! I'm so glad you liked it. Haha ans thanks for the link! Lol 'up to par' I think to even be the fly on wall in requiem for a dream would be awesome!

Thanks for answering guys. It's going to be tough picking a BA.

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  • emjob
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    8 years ago
    Best Answer

    Lol, aww this is like a proper friendship group. Passing on messages and stuff! I love you guys :D

    Hello Marina! Thanks for saying my name is nice!

    ((maddie)) :) :) :)

    I can only really think of Emma Frost. But I did LOVE X-Men: First Class so that'll do!

    BQ: Donnie deleted me for no reason & it kind of hurt my feelings as I'd certainly said nothing to merit being deleted. If he wants me to unblock him, he can always email me.

    (I'm not airing my dirty laundry in public by the way, just felt I had to justify somewhat as everyone can read I blocked him and might seem petty...)

    BQ2: Interesting :) maybe something like The Devil Wear's Prada. Not a bad book I'm sure, but I wouldn't read it. But I would watch the film! :) (all I can think of right now!)

    BQ3: I could be in Inglourious Basterds and be Shosanna! Yay! Have a good week too Marina :)

    EDIT: I think the brackets means hugs doesn't it? ((Liam)) haha :)

    Maddie I'm honoured you also chose Emma Frost! :D and yes I totally agree, Shosanna was the ultimate heroine in that movie :) she was so brave. I get a bit of a shiver when her face comes up on the screen at the end. Better than any old basterd!

    ((Logan)) :)

  • Oh I love Emma, always says something funny or intelligent :) And yes, it is a nice name :)

    This q is quite challenging (in a good way) so I'm gonna edit with my main answer later.

    BQ: ''Donatella''? lol

    BQ2: I'm not much of a reader (: But even though it is a fantastic book, I do dislike A Clockwork Orange's ending, I thought the film had a better ending, more memorable and packs a larger punch.

    BQ3: In Solaris I'd definately play Dr. Snaut! However, my favourite movie constantly alternates between Blade Runner and Shawshank Redemption, which I'd love to play Pris and Brooks (yes I know he is an old man, I love him though)

    hope you're having a great week too! :)

    Source(s): oh my star limit is gone *sad face* I'll star it at 5:30pm , Sydney time edit: ((((emma))) always loved shoshsana (not good with spelling european names from memory) she's one of my favourite ''strong female characters''. She surely kicks more a** than all the Basterds combined, in my opinion! Oh and sorry to steal from you, but Emma Frost is a great choice and is now my answer (: @V: That's such a good pick, I love Dark City, I think that will be my answer as well as X-men first class because I do really love that movie.
  • V
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    8 years ago

    Hey Rebellion :D

    "Dark City"



    I remember you mentioned this film on a previous question of mine, so I decided to check it out last night and it was fantastic, wonderful and interesting plot line combined with a good dose of science fiction and action to top it all off. As for the character named Emma; Jennifer Connelly plays Emma Murdoch, the love interest of John Murdoch; supposed lovers. The film overall though is fantastic, candy for the eyes and the brain :D

    BQ: Well, can't really say anything on this so I guess I'll just link a cool video.


    Youtube thumbnail

    BQ2: Hmm, hard to say really. Sorry I can't answer this :(

    BQ3: Well, my acting skills aren't up to par with those in "Requiem For A Dream"; however playing Harry would be kinda fun. If I did play him though, I'd be pretty excited about the make-up installations on my arm and basically everything else about the role. Perhaps I could even play Tappy Tibbons? But, Harry's role is in my eyes a lot more preferable.

  • 4 years ago


    Kim Catrall s character name is Emma

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Always when I ask a question, even if its the simplest one, they can't provide me a good informed answer here. what happened to people who really make the effort to answer??

  • Logan
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    8 years ago

    Emma 1996

    BQ Who is Donatella?

    BQ2 I have not read a bad book that was turned into a movie besides One of Nora Roberts books

    and maybe on of Robin Cooks books

    BQ3 Laurie Strode in Halloween 1998, she lives, BUT I would have never thrown the knife down lol

    You have a good week too



  • \Liam\
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    8 years ago

    Hey Rebellion,

    I actually can't think of any movie character called Emma at the moment, I will edit this later if I do

    BQ: Yeah I saw that question, a little bit... odd

    BQ2: can't think of one sorry

    BQ3: Definitely Alex Delarge


    You too! Sorry about the lack of answer, my mind's running a little slow today.

    P.S what does it mean when you guys put people's names in brackets? I've always wondered

  • Dr. X
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    8 years ago

    Kindergarten Cop.

    BQ: who?

    BQ2: I don't know, I've never read a book that's been adapted into a movie.

    BQ3: I'd be an extra shot and killed in the line of fire. My favorite movie is Collateral.

  • 3 years ago

    And the same question shows up again

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