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Japanese Internment In Canada?

I have a history project about the Japanese internment in Canada. I was wondering if there was any Japanese people found guilty for actually being a spy? It has to do with my thesis and I would really appreciate the help.

Add sources please as well :)

And I added this in politics because I couldn`t find the history section.

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    Japanese internment took place in British ruled Canada before it took place in America not sure about Canada but in the U S one was put on trail for murder in the camps as one inmate was killed as they felt he was and informer Two Japanese Americans were interned in Hawaii and deported back to Japan after wars end they lived on a small island Japanese pilots were told to land on the beach if they could not make it back to their carriers during the sneak...sorry ....surprise attack on Pearl Harbour one did and three Japanese Americans came to his aid no one on this island had any idea of the sneak...sorry...surprise attack but know something was wrong a fight broke out the Japanese pilot pulled his gun and an Hawaii jumped him and killed him,the Japanese Americans were held until the U S military came to get them the Hawaiian later was awarded the highest medal for a U S citizen

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