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Beth:D asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 9 years ago

Name your future twins?

Imagine you were expecting twins, what would you name them at this exact moment? Give 3 different sets of names for each set.

My answers:


Patrick John and Parker James

Liam Avery and Benjamin Levi

Spencer Cole and Zaine Brendan


Liam Avery and Emma Harlow

Spencer Cole and Brooklyn Paige

Parker James and Leni Gabriella


Emma Harlow and Paisley Nevaeh

Brooklyn Paige and Miranda Rylee

Leni Gabriella and Aerie Isabella

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  • 9 years ago
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    Joshua Ryan and Jonah Samuel

    Joshua Ryan and Connor Mason

    Jonah Samuel and Connor Mason


    Ariana Rose and Joshua Ryan

    Jessica Samantha and Jonah Samuel

    Christina Marie and Connor Mason


    Lily Luna and Ariana Rose

    Ariana Rose and Alyssa Renee

    Lily Luna and Alyssa Renee

  • 9 years ago


    Tyler Cole and Dylan Joseph " Ty and Dylan"

    Wesley Dean and Ryan James "Wes and Ryan"

    Matthew Christopher and Andrew Donavan "Matt and Drew"


    Tyler Cole and Paige Elizabeth "Ty and Paige"

    Dylan Joseph and Claire Josephine "Dylan and Claire"

    Matthew Christopher and Lila Rosalie "Matt and Lila"


    Paige Elizabeth and Claire Josephine "Paige and Claire"

    Lila Rosalie and Mia Catherine "Lila and Mia"

    Addilyn Rose and Caroline Mae "Addi and Cara"

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    9 years ago


    Levi Nathaniel and Noah Jude

    Oscar James and Felix Avery

    Leo James and Jude Avery


    Levi Nathaniel and Ava Grace

    Jude Avery and Olivia Grace

    Leo James and Paige Madeleine


    Paige Madeleine and Olivia Grace

    Savannah May and Ava Grace

    Leah Grace and Sophie Paige

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


    Arthur David and Jonah Michael.*

    Benjamin Rhys and Elliot Nathaniel.

    Henry James and Simon Alexander.


    Arthur David and Lily Josephine.*

    Benjamin Rhys and Grace Penelope.

    Henry James and Sophie Madeleine.


    Lily Josephine and Grace Penelope.*

    Sophie Madeleine and Elisabeth Juliet.

    Julia Caroline and Katherine Sophia.

    The ones that are starred are the most probable. :)

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


    -Riley Asher & Jacob Dallas "Riley & Jace" (my real twin boys names)

    -Dylan Gabriel & Isaac Jude "Dill & Isaac"

    -Elliot Cruz & Cooper Seth "Eli & Cooper"


    -Elodie Brynn & Avia Willow "Ella & Avi"

    -Lilia True & Juliet Ruby "Lilie & Julz"

    -Seraphina Jade & Caroline Bailey "Phina & Callie"


    -Riley Asher & Lilia True "Riley & Lilie"

    -Jacob Dallas & Elodie Brynn "Jace & Ella"

    -Dylan Gabriel & Avia Willow "Dill & Avi"

    I really like Emma, Paisley, Aerie, Liam, Zaine, & Parker!


    Source(s): Mommy to Riley & Jace <3
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


    Jacob Ethan and Jonathan William (Jake and Jonny)

    Tyler David and Spencer Jonathan (Ty and Spence)

    Liam James and Joseph Frank (Liam and Joey)


    Jacob William and Madison Katherine (Jake and Maddie or Mads)

    Jason Frank and Kelsey Joanne (Jace and Kel)

    Jonathan James (JJ) and Jessica Janice (Jonny or JJ and Jess or Jay)


    Madison Leigh and Jordan Janice (Maddie or Mads and Jordie or Jord)

    Katherine Joanne and Jenna Kerry (Katie or Kate and Jenna)

    Becca Janet and Brooklyn Payton (Bec and Brooke or Brookie)

  • 9 years ago


    Sebastian Arthur & Elliot Joseph

    Mason Scott & Miles Elliot

    Quinten James & Bentley Arthur


    Sebastian Arthur & Juliana Grace

    Elliot Joseph & Ava Marie

    Mason Scott & Makenna Violet


    Ava Marie & Makenna Violet

    Kaydence May & Kinsley Jo

    Briella Rae & Arianna Grace

  • 9 years ago

    I'll give my three sets of names for each gender set, & they'll go in order of preference.


    ♦ Finley Benjamin Callum & Oliver Henry Edmund.

    --[Finn & Oliver.]

    ♦ Oliver Henry Edmund & Nathaniel Arthur Jude.

    --[Oliver & Nate.]

    ♦ Nathaniel Arthur Jude & Finley Benjamin Callum.

    --[Nate & Finn.]


    ♦ Finely Benjamin Callum & Anneliese Rosemary Elsa.

    --[Finn & Annie.]

    ♦ Nathaniel Arthur Jude & Anneliese Rosemary Elsa.

    --[Nate & Annie.]

    ♦ Oliver Henry Edmund & Flora Amelie Susanna.

    --[Oliver & Flora.]


    ♦ Anneliese Rosemary Elsa & Flora Amelie Susanna.

    --[Annie & Flora.]

    ♦ Flora Amelie Susanna & Jane Mathilda Violet.

    --[Flora & Janie.]

    ♦ Genevieve Eliza Ruth & Flora Amelie Susanna.

    --[Genevieve & Flora.]


  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


    Henry and Grey

    Darcy and Jude

    Sydney and Parker


    Henry and Cleo

    Darcy and Bennett (pride and prejudice lol)

    Mel and Maggie


    Maggie and Lucy

    Lucy and Lace

    Anna and Grace

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    G/G Rylynn Jade and Ryleigh Ruby

    B/B Landon and Logan

    G/B Rylynn Jade and Michael Drake

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