how can I pay child support thru the court?

Living in Florida, children in another state. I want to pay child support thur the court system and not by personal check anymore for better keeping reasons. How do I the (payor) sent it up thru the court.

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    That is a good and smart idea. Just contact child support enforcement to set it up.

    1. The Basics of Child Support

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    Federal Child Support Enforcement Handbook for Non-Custodial Parents


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    9 years ago

    My best advice would be to contact your lawyer and have him set it up... Also be sure the the dates are correct for how long to garnish your wages for support on the withhold of income form that is sent to your employer.. I was also paying my ex direcly for the past five years. After the modification her lawyer set it up to withhold the child support from my paycheck...either way was fine with me. But they tried setting it up to garnish my wages for an extra 6 yrs.. until my son was 24... So always read everything yourself before you agree!

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