What is the best electric kit sports car for my money? ?

What is the best electric sports car? I want an electric sports car, but with the paycheck of a budding engineer I can't buy anything better than a Nissan Leaf. I thought maybe a kit car would be cheaper and I looked all over online but so far the only sports, electric kit car I can find is the Sterling kit car. It looks great, and the price is great, but it seems like they don't even give you the electric motor. Are there other electric kit sports cars?

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  • 9 years ago
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    You can find kits to convert a gasoline car to an electric one. So any kit car would do. The lighter the better.

    But right now I don't know of any one marketing an electric kit car, let a lone one that is a sports car.

    Sounds like a market need is not being met. I say this with reservations because a lot of kit car companies don't make it.

    So here is what I suggest-

    Do an internet search for "locost electric", no doubt some one has built one already. The plans are pretty much public domain. This car has been assembled in garages from spares and bulk materials. The body work is simple and the combination is light weight. Now this is not a year round car as tops are hard to find and may not match the exact lines of a home built. But they can be built pretty cheap depending on where you buy your material and how handy you are with tools.

    Note Locost Car: a car patterned after the Lotus 7 (Caterham).

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