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What if the WWE had more "Legacy" stables?

1.The Hart Dynasty (Harry Smith and Teddy Hart w/Natalya).

2.The Von Erich Stable (Marshal and Ross w/Lacey).

3.The Dibiase Empire (Mike,Ted and Brett).

4.The Rhodes Family (Dustin and Cody w/Kristin).

5.(Biggest of all) The Anoa'i Tribe (Afa,jr,Joe,Matt,Lloyd,Reno,Lance and the USO Twins).

BQ:What was your favorite wrestling family?

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    Stables in general (in the WWE at least) don't work anymore. The WWE doesn't do "long-term" anymore and they have a history of breaking up long-term teams and friends with the "one guy turns heel on the other and stabs him in the back to kick off a, ahem, hot feud" angle that generally ultimately turns out to be less than entertaining and more a waste of a good team/partnership. The fans have grown accustomed to seeing tag teams turn on each other, usually less than a year after forming, and don't expect teams to last very long anyway. The WWE has brothers and "life-long" friends turning on each other, too. The fans expect that now, as well.

    The IWC, and especially this WWE-centric forum, don't even talk about stables in the WWE anymore. TNA tried that a couple years ago (several stables) and were pretty much universally panned by everybody for it, even the fans who loved the 47,000 different nWo factions in WCW in the late 90's.

    If the WWE tried that, it wouldn't work out any better. The fans wouldn't be watching to be entertained by the various groups, they'd be watching for the inevitable double-crosses that break those groups apart, defeating the purpose (strength in numbers to establish a dynasty) of having the stable in the first place.

    BQ: The Von Erichs. From watching the goose-stepping "Nazi" brute Fritz batter and maul his opponents down to apply his dreaded Iron Claw when I was a kid, to watching his charismatic sons, the high-flying Kevin, the big "good ol' boy" cowboy David, and the BMOC Kerry, as an adult, I've always been a huge fan of the Von Erichs. They were THE reason I loved watching WCCW in the 80's.

  • It would remind me of the late 1990's when WWE had all these Groups Fighting each other: DeGeneration X, The Nation of Domination, Dead on Arrival, Los Boriquas, The Truth Commission.

    My Favorite Wrestling Family? The Harts, everyone from Stu Hart on down.

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    People would be complaining about all the groups. Sure at first, their a sight to behold and make things better. Then after a few weeks, people will get "sick" and "bored" of them just like they got bored of The Rock's hype, Laurenaitis, Soon Brock Lesnar, Lord Tensai, Brodus Clay.

    Source(s): "Same Ol, Same Ol,"
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    The road warriors

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