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Does anyone else believe we could achieve so much as a group of people if everyone worked together?

Here's my point of view. I got bored and wrote this.

Me "If the human race learned how to coexist as one big nation, and not hundreds of separate countries, imagine the stuff we'd accomplished as a group of people. If each country shared their knowledge and resources together with each other and made more advanced technology, who knows? We could of been at Mars making settlements years ago. Or if everyone understood that everyone is the same. Your race, your sex, your culture, your religion, how you dress or look does not make a person. Just because you go to church and worship a God does not make you a good person. What matters is how you treat people day by day. How far you'll go to help a family member, a good friend, or even some random hobo in Ann Arbor who you've never seen in your life. What if everyone had this mutual understanding with each other? But hey! I'm one out of billions of people that make up this small planet that we happen to call "Earth." It's impossible for everyone to agree with me, everyone has their own attitude, opinions, faith, and there's not much that you can do to change that, which is a good thing. Not even .000000001 of our worldly population will read this, so why should I even bother writing it? I guess I'm just bored in school with nothing else better to do except write a long *** paper about my thoughts. I guess the best we can do is try and be the absolute best person you can on your short time alive on "Earth," but everyone won't understand this and people will continue to act the way they were raised or how their brains were programmed to act. If you beat your wife for your own dark, morbid, self pleasure, and think it's right, so be it. If your best is being the scum of earth, that's cool.... Hopefully you choke on your own vomit and die after a night of binge drinking with your loser ***, underachieving, women beating, waste of precious air friends. Or you abandoned your girlfriend after you find out she's pregnant because you can't handle the responsibility of being a father, so be it again. You probably saved that kids life anyways. My point of this all is wouldn't it be awesome if everyone "got along?" No more turning on the news and hearing about some innocent ten year old kid getting shot by some worthless shithead. Like that story in the bible about Adam and Eve, everything lived together in complete harmony, nothing died, until Adam and Eve were manipulated by that snake that symbolizes the Devil to eat the apple (fruit of lies). After Adam and Eve ate the apple which also God told them no to eat they became mortal, women experience painful birth, everything alive can experience disease, all life have to work/kill for food to live, and their progeny would be stained with sin forever. Also they were forever condemned to burn in hell until God decides to let them out. Basically, what if today our life was like that? If everything got along, not necessarily immortal, but worked together to achieve certain goals that we haven't done yet, and weren't greedy about resources like "oil" that really our soldiers in Iraq shouldn't be fighting for. The war in Iraq basically was a fight for some rich guys money, whose life is without any worries, their children can live a great life with all the money they want, don't have to fight in a war and lose their lives just because they have relations with someone who ordered all this fighting. Green paper for a young guys life who's been brain washed into thinking he's fighting for our country? Don't get me wrong, if it was WW3 and we have to fight for our world or some country is gonna take us over. I'd gladly die for my country. But not for a war like Vietnam or Iraq. Not everyone will agree with me, and not everyone will think as deeply as someone like me who is always thinking about stuff. What if? What if....

Your thoughts do you agree?

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  • 9 years ago
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  • vos
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

    Fallen Sweetie, it's by no means going to difference, so I depart you with this. Every time you're insulted take pleasure within the detail you're now not like that. You aren't so stuffed with self doubt that you simply ought to inn to such strategies. Because thats what it's all approximately. Every time an insult is thrown the insulter would as good have a signal that claims "I cannot suppose of whatever logical so I have to inn to insults" Most ordinarily I consider extra pity for many who insult as an alternative that people who are insulted.

  • 9 years ago

    it will be one(666)

    one nation under god.

    i dont like your idea...

    google search `new world order´

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    My thoughts are theres to much to read... At least try and break it up. But yes my answer to your headline, yes, as a whole we can achieve so much more but acceptance is something that a civilization like ours can't achieve in a day.

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