How to get a MOAB on Mission in MW3?

I've already got 12 MOAB's but can never get one on Mission. I want to ask which part of the map should I patrol to get a MOAB, I can never find a certain area that I can patrol and control the area i always get shot from the side or back.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I actually got one today on Mission.

    Preferably, Coming from a seasoned COD player I would use the team support

    UAV/Counter UAV

    Nothing else as killstreaks.

    Your going to have 2 main spawns.

    Pay attention to where your team is. The enemy won't spawn their.

    Don't stray outside of mid block.

    Mid block is if you get down spawn going up the hill to the left, take a right at the truck and your their.

    Don't go outside of the 2 lanes past that and make sure you are clear from stuns coming from down.

    Good luck,


  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    In my opinion, mission is by far the hardest map to get a moab on, i found that by staying by the A flag in domination (part with the houses, the sewage pipe and the bridge) is excellent, it provides great cover and camping spots if thats your style.

    It is also a common spawn point, so if your team is spawning their you will have some backup and if the enemy team is spawning there, then it is a lot of easy kills as they are not expecting it :)

    Hope this helps :D

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