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Are these good attractions to visit on a vacation to Trinidad?

for School me and some other people have to plan a fake vacation to Trinidad. Are these some good attractions to visit?

Emperor Valley Zoo, Port of Spain

The Anchorage: Dance/Disco Club

Blanchiissuese Beach

and are these good hotels to stay at? Cara Suites - Pointe a Pierre or the Carlton Savannah

if you have any other reccomendations, please say so. We dont have to work with a budget and we can stay for as long as we want pretty much

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    Those are all interesting palces to visit. However personally I find Maracas beach is nicer than Blanchisseuse. There are also some great nightclubs in the capital Port of Spain.

    The pitch lake at La Brea should be interesitng also. Its literally a lake of pitch and when pitch is mined from it more simplyoozes up to the surface. Some of the best roads in the world are paved with pitch from there.

    Other hotels to consider Trinidad Hilton, Marriott Courtyard, Hyatt Regency.

    Anyway here is a link that should help you:

    And do not forget that the country is really a twin island nation with the other island being Tobago. You can get there by boat which is about a 5 hour trip, or you can use the airbridge which is about 15 minutes flying. Great beaches in Tobago, and you can visit the Buccoo Reef, scuba dive, and snorkel.

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    Yahoo tropical paahhhtaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!! :D

    Source(s): nyan :3
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  • Cascadia Hotel...Trinidad Hilton...Marriott...Hotel Normandie...Pax Guest House...

    Maracas Bay...

    St.Andrew's Golf Course...

    The Botanical Gardens...

    The Lady Young Look Out...

    The Pitch Lake...La Brea...

    The Wildfowl Trust...

    The Caroni Swamp To See The Scarlet Ibis...

    Fort George...

    The Doubles Stand...

    A Curry Duck River Lime In Caura...For Starters...

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    Well, you found this group so is there some reason you are too stupid to go to GOOGLE and type in TRNIDAD TORUIST INFORMATION and hit ENTER?

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