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What is the BEST heat protectant spray for hair?

I mean like the most healthy for hair. Any good suggestions or brands? Thanks:)


@ Eric: I had a bad hair frying experience a couple months ago, so I pretty much know everything there is to know about healthy hair. Except which heat protectant sprays are the best. And when I say "best" I mean healthiest for my hair, but also effective at defending my hair against straightening, blow drying, crimping, curling, etc. And thanks for the advice people.

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    There is no BEST. because everyone's hair is different, differenta products will have a different level of effectiveness for that hair type. For one, do NOT use tresseme. Its pure crap. Actually anythinf you can buy for cheap at the drugstore is going to be crap. They are made with cheap low-grade ingredients. Stay away from tresemme, pantene, aussie, nexxus etc.

    Argan oil is popular (Morocan Oil is a brand name of an Argan oil) but I personally never use it on my clients. Argan oil will build up on your hair more than most products, even after regular shampooing. With hair oils, Abyssinian oil and Neem Oil are two excellent alternatives to Argan. They both have all the same heat and UV protection benefits as Argan, but a few other added benefits as well. Absorbing into your hair faster and having anti-fungal properties are two examples.

    If you're looking for particular brands to consider: CHI Iron Guard is excellent for heat protection. Also Its a 10 leave in is really popular. Farouk Pearl Complex is fantastic! Lanza has their Neem Plant Silk Serum and their Keratin Healing Oil. Alterna has a great product called Kendi Oil.

    I alternate between the Neem Plant Silk Serum, the Pearl Complex and the Kendi Oil based on what type of hair of the client I'm working on.

    Keep in mind it really depends on your hair type. If you have finer hair you might want to look at the Pearl Complex. If you have coarse, resistant hair you might want to look at the Kendi Oil or the Lanza Silk Serum. The Its a 10 will also be very good for smoothing your hair as well since it has a lot if silicons in it.

    Hope this helps

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    I use Tresemme or CHI Silk Infusion. Both are really good and they smell really good too.

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    Morcoccanoil and Studio Silk & Gloss (By L'Oreal) are really good products for heat protection.

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