Bike to buy????????10 points?

I know that I have asked this question before but all I get is one or two answers that have one I'm 14 I weigh 115lbs I'm not very strong and I'm 5,6 I have had a cr80 but I'm thinking of selling it even though I only got to ride it maybe 20times because it has been broken for a long Time I found a great deal on a crf150r and a great deal on a rm125 and a kx100,kx125 I do a little bit of trails but I want something that can take hitting a jump because I know that honda trail bikes can't do that so what do you mighty fine people on here think I should do buy a 125 or keep my 80 or buy the 100/150?

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  • 8 years ago
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    I love the CRF150R, but that is the same size bike as you have now, only with much better suspension. The 150R will be a lot like your bike, but it will have much better acceleration and suspension. Same with the KX100. If you want an all around step-up bike, go with the 125. Everything else you listed is in the same class as your current bike. I would actually recommend the YZ125 over the RM/KX because it is much newer. If you get a KX/RM it will be around 2005 model, which has less new technology that the YZ.

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  • 8 years ago

    a 125 2 stroke would be the next logical step up. With A kx 100 or crf150 you aren't really gaining anything except better suspension.

    Just to let you know, dirt bikes break and you have to fix them. If you are buying a new bike just because your old one is broken thats a stupid choice.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    for what you are wanting to do the KX125 is a perfect bike. i personally own one and it is like a dream come true. granted the kx sits a little taller i dont think you will have to worry about that cause i touch pretty well and am about an inch or two shorter than you are. the crf is way too heavy and doesnt give you the throttle response like the kx does. plus with the kx, the weight is a lot lighter mainly being that it is a 2-stroke. other 2-strokes like rm and yz would also be a great bike.

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