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Why do Republicans continue the Myth that Welfare exists for the Poor?

Washington D.C. welfare caseworker Angela Perkins

Washington, D.C. welfare caseworker Angela Perkins talks to Cynthia Harris. (Juana Arias, Washington Post)

Welfare's Changing Face

By Dan Froomkin Staff

Updated July 23, 1998

Welfare as we knew it no longer exists.

The 61-year American tradition of guaranteeing cash assistance to the poor came to an end with the signing of legislation in August 1996.

Under the old system, founded during the Great Depression, the federal government provided fairly uniform benefits to the nation's poor – mostly mothers and children – without regard to the details of their personal circumstances, and with no time limit.

But over time, the system became increasingly unpopular. Political opinion turned against the idea of anyone getting rewarded for being idle. Social critics said welfare was responsible for a permanent underclass of people living off government checks because the incentives to go to work were so weak.

Now, a federal system that was once fairly consistent has been turned over to the states, where programs are diverging widely. And it is far from clear whether the poor will be better or worse off.


State Welfare varies greatly

Poor Red State Republicans ( mainly southern White people with children ) flock to my state here in the South West looking for a better life and

Immediately get On and use our state Welfare system though our state Welfare is barely acquit for survival Just mainly cheap housing when it is available WIC food stamps ( max $114.00 a month for an individual ) and small amounts of cash which = around $250.00 a month. If you can live on that good luck. I have friends who work for the state Welfare system.

Update 2:

Most Republicans if not filthy rich are Welfare Trash

Update 3:

Republicans You squawk and Parrot Right wing Propaganda

You Live Your whole Life based upon Lies obviously

You slander other people abuse poor woman

And because of this evil that You perpetuate

Your time WILL COME to an End .

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    I'm so happy so see this question. There are so MANY right wingers talking about generations of people on welfare, and why do families of five on welfare have all those kids?

    It never crosses their minds that there are time limits that make a lifetime of benefits impossible, and people had their kids BEFORE having to take welfare...most likely due to health care bankruptcy.

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    What's amazing is how none of the right-wingers here even read the original post, about how there IS NO FEDERAL "WELFARE" SYSTEM ANYMORE. It ceased to exist back in the 1990's!

    Any of the old "welfare" as you imagine it is administered by your STATE, not the Federal Government!

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    Welfare Trash??,,,, wow that is a horrible thing to say about people ... obviously you people have some issues

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    This would be a great country, if instead of making endless NEW rules and programs, we just administered and used PROPERLY the ones already in place.

    Every single program out there, is creaking and bloated with age, misued, abused, and plain simply not managed worth a damn, by people with phantom jobs, or who are out playing GOLF, when they are suppose to be handling their caseloads.....instead of just penicl whipping everything, to get an earlier tee time.

    We don't need NEW laws, we need to ENFORCE the ones already on the books.

    Life in prison, should be just that......LIFE. Not 10, and then some parole.

    Public assistance should go to those in need.....not Doctor's wives,who know how to fill out the right forms.

    Medicaid is a JOKE.........with doctors bilking the system out of BILLIONS, annually.

    We allow people to use Swiss Bank Accounts and Cayman Island banks to avoid paying taxes.

    The Tax code is a jumbled,incomphrensible MESS. You need to be a CPA trained inTax Code, to even know what you are and aren't entitled to claim.

    Joe Blow gets 15 years for cheating on his taxes.......but millionaires can hide billions off shore.

    Italy is a great example.......lawmakers, trying to justify their bloated salaries, think they have to KEEP coming up with new and never ending regulations to justify their jobs.....and it's gotten to the point, that every little thing that can be regulated and taxed and controlled ---has been.

    The result entire population so besieged.....everyone thinks nothing of breaking the rules., because it's almost impossible NOT to. The end result........the only way to keep your head above by breaking some rule or law.

    Meanwhile, the small business owner, who is TRYING to follow the faced with a never ending stream of changing rules and tax codes, that would bury anyone.

    When and where does the madness stop? Now they want to tax JUNK FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What's next? A tax on my cat?

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    The Constitution of the United States does NOT permit the earnings theft and redistribution programs fo the welfare state. If an individual state CHOOSES, based on its Constitution, to create its own system of rewarding laziness, that is a problem for the working taxpayers of that state.

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    people abuse it way too much. im personally sick of having to support these people while i work in a hell hole 40 hrs a week making menial wages.

  • Because Republicans want Welfare to exist only for the rich and powerful.

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    Because I see the welfare fraud that exists in my state and it comes from people who have been on welfare their whole lives.

    Milwaukee is FULL of welfare people. The unemployment rate for black men is around 60%. Why is that? They make a baby with some random woman and live off her and the kid if selling drugs isn't their day job.

    Most of the Katrina "victims" did not work a day in their lives. They stayed in FEMA housing until they were thrown out and had to be given a new place to live because they were too stupid and too dependent on government to find one themselves.

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    8 years ago

    Welfare is very bipartisan.

    We need a safety net for people, I would even expand it to healthcare.


    It should be a safety net, not a way of life.

    So handicapped need help, so help them, some 3 time felon child rapist doesn't deserve 1 penny.

    Get it,

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    8 years ago

    It is no secret as to why most conservative writings are found in the "fiction" section of book stores.

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