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I'm in a keeper money league(smaller lg 6 teams.i know you hate small lgs)and i need to decide on whether to keep Darren Mcfadden,Jimmy Graham,Peyton Manning,Hakeem Nicks,or Fred Jackson.Lg rules are you can't keep a player who was drafted in the first 3 rounds so that's why most of the MAIN PLAYERS aren't being kept.these are other teams keepers:Calvin Johnson,Drew Brees,Matthew Stafford,Gronkowski,Tom Brady.those are other peoples keepers(which by the way 3 teams keep qbs meaning i have a great shot at rodgers).all that aside who do you think i should keep for next season???

DMC- Michael Bush gone in oak really opens the door for DMC if he can stay healthy but anybody can get injured at any time so idc if he's injury prone he's a beast with potential to be a top 3 rb.i'm really leaning on DMC as my keeper.

Graham-losing a coach could hurt but i doubt that will bother him.resigning colston i think helps him because defenses can't really afford to double cover him.he has the potential to be the top TE this year as i think gronks stats drop with lloyd coming to NE so i'm torn on who to keep.

Nicks-Predicted to be a top 5 WR this year and was a monster in the playoffs/super bowl.I think him and Eli have a great connection

Manning-has a tough schedule but he has alot of weapons by his side in denver.i beleive he's a huge sleeper this year if healthy

Jackson-until his injury happened this guy was an absolute beast.he was #1 in fantasy up until that point but Spiller makes me nervous.he's supposed to get a contract extension but is 31 so he's iffy to me.


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    Okay, I'd keep McFadden

    Fred Jackson is over 30, and it's really hard to tell if he'll be as good as last year after his injury. Plus CJ Spiller is competition in the backfield

    Graham is a TE, and although he's really good, I don't think taking a top TE is a better idea than a top RB. I just don't think it's worth keeping a TE when there's other decent options at tight end. I think Graham is a top 25 pick, but DMC will be higher.

    Nicks is injury-prone, and most likely will miss a few games next season, and that's why he's out.

    Manning is a solid QB...but he's 4th or 5th on my QB rankings. If Rodgers is going to be there, I'd try getting him and not settle for Manning. Manning's older and on a new team, so it's risky

    DMC is your best option. Hopefully he stays healthy, and if he does, he'll be very good. A top RB is tough to come across, so I'd keep the one you have.

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