What is a Jesuit, and why is it on the side of the University?

The University of San Francisco says that its a Jesuit.

What does that mean? Is it a Catholic tghing, since USF is a Catholic University?

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    The Society of Jesus (Jesuits) is a Catholic religious order that, among many other things, runs many colleges and universities.


    With love in Christ.

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    My ex lady chum went to St Mary's in London and he or she's no longer non secular in any respect. She reported faith wasn't rather significant there, nevertheless their regulations have been tremendously opressive. working example the vacationing HOUR for non-pupils became 11pm-night, lol. It probable makes little difference, bypass there if it is your prevalent!

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    The Jesuits are a Catholic order. Founded by Ignatius of Loyola.


    They love education. They love knowledge. So schools are essential to them. Many of them are scientists, mathmeticians, people of profound study.

    Aside of Ignatius of Loyola, another famous Jesuit is Edmund Campion. There is a novelization of his life written by Evelyn Waugh. I highly recommend it. He was one of many Jesuits who gave their lives during the persecution of Catholics in England.

    Pierre Teilhard de Chardin - well known paleontologist. Fabulous philosopher.

    Jesuits were the first rescue party in to Hiroshima after America dropped the bomb.

    When I was a kid, I wanted to be a Jesuit because as far as my child's mind was concerned they were all off in Egypt discovering history. Which I thought was really cool.

  • Jesuits are priests/monks, they are an order of priests within Catholicism.


    USF is saying they are a Jesuit College, meaning that they were founded and, most likely, ran by the Society of Jesus (also known as the Jesuits).

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    The Jesuit order is a luciferian cult. It's a high level on the grand pyramid scheme of this satanic system. A Jesuit priest is pretty much one of the most skilled liars in the world. Jesuit ideolog is pretty much the same as every other pseudo-Christian cult. They believe Jesus of Nazareth to be one of many ascended masters; people who evolved into some higher spiritual science. The gnosticism believe Lucifer to be god and

    eople like Jesus to be reflections of that.

    Illuminati believe the best brainwashing tactic is to be hidden in plain sight. That way man is \willfully* ignorant as opposed to being deceived against his will. This because the will is more powerful than the carnal flesh. When people get to the point where truth is so explicit they have nowhere to go but to lie to themselves, then you have willful slaves. Albert pike said that the best slaves are those who enslave their selves.

    You we're probably told in college in some indirect form that you're the elite of the world, you're more evolved than others, you're better than the lesser people, you're your own God, Christians are primitive fools who believe in fairytales but you're more rational than those childish uneducated Hicks. This indirect flattery is to play on your emotions, blind you with your own pride, keep you

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    A strange male only Catholic spin off.

    Short for Society of Jesus

  • The Black Pope At The Vatican's Assassins...

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    It is a Catholic order.

    They own a number of US universities including DePaul, Marquette, St Louis U and Notre Dame.

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