I e-filed my taxes back on Feb. 22 2012 and still no refund. It's been 2 months! What is going on?

I have been checking with the IRS' where's my refund site and the date keeps getting pushed back or no date will appear at all. How much longer should I expect to wait? And why is it taking this long?


Boo boo head, We are in the same boat very similar to yours. We are also a military family w/ kids. We filed on Feb. 22 2012 and still nothing. The Where's my refund site keeps pushing the date back. Sometimes like today it says "received and being processd." w/ no date. At least we know we are not the only ones out there. I figured ours might be held up because we don't have to pay back our tax credit we received when we bought our first house in 2008. We had military orders and that home ceased to be our primary home. Because of the official military orders, we don't have to pay back the rest of the credit :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    I am in the same boat. We filed on the 15th of Feb and still nothing. The dates were constantly pushed back and now, for the last month the status is that it's been received and is being processed. We are a single income, military family with 3 kids. Is our return being audited or what? Thankfully, we're not one of those who depend on that money to be returned on time to pay bills or whatnot. We were going to use it to pay down bills, but it's not for survival. Not like it's that much anyway!! :) Keep hoping I hear something soon. Oh, and I had read somewhere that it's taking a long time because we were one of those families that got the $8000 for purchasing a new home and we are now paying it back each tax year. I heard that this is holding up the returns. Are you in this same category?

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    9 years ago

    What's taking so long? Anyone who filed before 3/31, filed before the employer's copy of their W-2 made it to the IRS. Since the IRS didn't have it to compare to what you submitted, they had to decide if they trusted you or not.

    The IRS decided they couldn't trust 80% of the people who filed in January. That created a huge backlog of returns waiting to be checked manually by tax clerks. If your W-2 was a perfect match and there wasn't anything else odd on the return, the IRS will get the refund out to you eventually.

  • BadCo
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    9 years ago

    Go to IRS.gov and click on where is my refund.

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