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Would you prefer being a doctor or a businessman?

I'm a Dutch student, and this year I'll be graduating from highschool. In a month or so I have to have made up my mind on which study I'm going to do. I'm doubting between two: Medicine (becoming a doctor) or International Business Administration (doing something in business). For me, both courses have equal pros and cons, and I'm finding it EXTREMELY hard to decide. For medicine: I have general interest in Biology and I think doctor is a very respectable job. For IBA: Economics also interests me, and especially to start something for my own sounds very promiscuous. Also the international character of the course attracts me (as I live in holland while IBA is fully in English with students from all over the world.)

My question to you is: Which of the two jobs / studies would you prefer? Please give some pros and cons for both studies/jobs that I may have overlooked. I know that it's ME who has to decide in the end, but I think reading other peoples ideas, and maybe some pros and cons for both jobs that I've overlooked, will give me a refreshing mind and will help me to decide rationally. Please help and give as much pros and cons as you can, as this is a very important decision for the rest of my life. thanks for reading.

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    Ik studeer geneeskunde in België (ik ben Vlaams), dus geneeskunde is natuurlijk mijn favoriet. Toch heb ik ook getwijfeld aan economie, maar net als jij vond ik biologie interessant en dokter is inderdaad een mooi beroep. Ik heb dan besloten om geneeskunde te studeren, omdat zowel de studie als het beroep mij meer aanspraken.

    Ik heb gehoord dat de studie geneeskunde in Nederland werkt met een "loterij"-systeem, en dat je meer kans maakt als je goede scores haalde op je eindexamens. Ik weet natuurlijk niet of dat een probleem is voor jou, en of jij daar rekening mee moet houden.

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