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Anonymous asked in Beauty & StyleOther - Beauty & Style · 8 years ago

Ora-band reviews please answer?

I need reviews from people who finished using ora-bands NOT orthofill. I bought ora-bands, & im using them now, but I want to know from the people that have used all of them and finished using them,, did they work for you? did the gape permanently close? PLEASE tell me, i need to know. thank you xoxo

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  • 8 years ago
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    I used ora-bands and they closed my gap just fine. But you have to get a retainer for permanent results. I called them before I bought mine and I was told that I should get a retainer after the ora-bands closed my gap. So now my gap is closed but I wear my retaining bands while I'm waiting for my retainer.

    I mean, I think the idea is that ora-bands replace braces. Then you wear the retaining bands until you can get a retainer for your teeth. But even with braces you still have to wear a retainer after you're done and paying for braces is like paying for a used car.

    A retainer is 3 or 4 hundred dollars depending on where you get it made. It's better than shelling out 4k or 5k for braces and then buying a retainer on top of that.

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  • 6 years ago

    They work. You have to get a retainer after the gap is closed. You would have to get a retainer if you used braces, too. You always have to get a retainer after you have moved your teeth no matter what device you use. The retainer holds the teeth in place after they have been moved.

    Instead of paying a few thousand dollars for braces and then shelling out a few hundred more for a retainer from an orthodontist you can use 20 bucks for the orabands. And then 60 bucks or so for a retainer from an online company.

    There are a bunch of online companies that make retainers. You can get a custom retainer online for as little as 60 bucks. An orthodontist would charge around $300 - $400 to make one. Plus, a lot of orthodontists don't make retainers for people that they have not treated.

    The way the online retainer companies work is that they mail you the material to bite your impressions into after you make your order. You mail the impressions back to them and they use that to make your custom fitted retainer. While you are waiting on that retainer keep wearing the ora band retaining bands to hold your teeth in place. The retaining bands come with your ora band order. You get enough retaining bands with your order to last for a few months. It only takes about a month for you to get your final retainer after you place your order for one. So you have plenty of time to get one after your gap is closed because you get a lot of retaining bands in your ora band order.

    I tried to explain that clearly. Good luck.

    Source(s): Experience.
    • Adeline5 years agoReport

      What's the diameter of the narrow bands?

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  • 8 years ago

    iv never used those i had braces so i prob shouldn't really be answering this but i do wanna say once u get them the way you want you should have a permanent retainer put on the back of both ur front teeth it keeps them together for the rest of your life or at least until u get it taken off

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