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Sarah asked in HealthOther - Health · 9 years ago

Magnesium deficiency--how to get back to normal levels quickly?

I have been taking Nexium and other related PPIs for over 7 years now to treat chronic GERD. I noticed in a commercial for Nexium that one of the leading side-effects is magnesium deficiency--I began researching it, and my symptoms (insomnia, irritability, etc.) matched. I immediately started taking magnesium pills, but I understand that getting back to normal magnesium levels taking magnesium pills can take up to a year; now, I haven't had a blood test to determine if I am actually deficient, although evidence suggests strongly that I am. Reason I haven't had a blood test is that I have a severe phobia of blood/needles. If I had a blood test and it was revealed that I am deficient, is there anything a dr. could do to help me get back to normal levels quickly, like prescribe a super-charged dose of magnesium pills or something? If not, I don't want to have a blood test if there's nothing I can do besides what I'm doing already. Thanks!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    The quickest way to build up your magnesium is to get a blood test and your dr will tell you how much to take. it will still take a while though.

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